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  1. Filton


    Military site : airfield
    Prior to D-Day aircraft imported from the USA (through Avonmouth docks) were assembled at Fliton Aerodrome. It was also one of the main D-Day causality stations, from where the wounded were evacuated to Frenchay Hospital, Bristol. 9th Service Command...

  2. Finkenrath


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  3. Fischerhude


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  4. Flatford


    Other location

  5. Flixton, Suffolk

    Flixton, Suffolk

    Other location

  6. Florence American Cemetery and Memorial

  7. Florennes / Juzaine

    Florennes / Juzaine

    Military site : airfield

  8. Florida National Cemetery

  9. Flygvapenmuseum, Linköping, Sweden

  10. Foggia


    Military site : airfield

  11. Folkingham


    Military site : airfield
    Folkingham was built as a decoy airfield - kniown as a 'KQ' site in 1940-1941. Built up as a bomber Station for the RAF in 1943, it was handed to the Ninth Air Force in 1944, where it was used by the 313th Troop Carrier Group. It was also used as a...

  12. Forchies-la-marche


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  13. Ford


    Military site : airfield
    Originally a Royal Flying Corps station at the end of the First World War, the airfield was unused from 1920-1930, and a civil airfield from 1930-1936. Re-used as RAF Ford 1937-39, and operated by the Royal Navy 1939-40, it was allocated for Eighth...

  14. Forges-les-Eaux


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  15. Fort Bliss National Cemetery

  16. Fort Dix

    Fort Dix

    Military site : non-airfield

  17. Fort Logan National Cemetery

  18. Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery

  19. Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery

  20. Fort Snelling National Cemetery

  21. Foulsham


    Military site : airfield
    Foulsham was built for the RAF in 1940-42, then used by RAF bombers and RAF special electronic warfare aircraft. An Eighth Air Force Radio Countermeasures detachment was based here in 1944-45 (it also used nearby RAF Oulton. The airfield was closed at...

  22. Foulsham Village Sign, Foulsham

  23. Fowey


    Other location

  24. Fowlmere


    Military site : airfield
    Just as nearby Duxford was known as the 'Duck pond' by American airmen, so Fowlmere was known as 'the Hen Puddle' because of the wet conditions that pervaded the bases during the winter of 1943-1944. The 339th Fighter Group had no choice but to persist...

  25. Fowlmere, Cambridgeshire

    Fowlmere, Cambridgeshire

    Other location

  26. Foxton


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  27. Framlingham


    Military site : airfield
    Built for the Eighth Air Force from 1942 to 43, Framlingham was home first to the 95th Bomb Group, before that unit moved to RAF Alconbury. From 1943 to 1945, it was operated by the 390th Bomb Group. The airfield was handed back to the RAF in 1945, and...

  28. Freckleton


    Crash site

  29. Frederick Army Airfield

    Frederick Army Airfield

    Military site : airfield

  30. Frettenham Village Hall

    Frettenham Village Hall

    Other location

  31. Fritton Warren

    Fritton Warren

    Military site : non-airfield

  32. Fritzlar


    Military site : airfield

  33. Fulbeck


    Military site : airfield
    A Relief Landing Ground for RAF College Cranwell in 1940-42, Fulbeck was developed as RAF Fulbeck bomber station in 1942-43. Operated first by the RAF then the Troop Carrier Groups of the Ninth Air Force in the build up to and exectution of the...

  34. Furth


    Military site : airfield

  35. Furzedown House

    Furzedown House

    Military site : non-airfield

  36. Gablingen


    Military site : airfield

  37. Gael


    Military site : airfield

  38. Garvestone


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  39. Geiger Field

    Geiger Field

    Military site : airfield

  40. Gelderingen


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  41. Gerbini


    Military site : airfield

  42. Gioia del Colle

    Gioia del Colle

    Military site : airfield

  43. Giulia


    Military site : airfield

  44. Glatton


    Military site : airfield
    Glatton, which lay mostly in the parish of Conington, was built by the 809th Engineer Battalion (Aviation) of the U.S. Army in the last months of 1942. Unusually, the base's three runways surrounded Rose Court Farm, which remained a working farm...

  45. Golden Gate National Cemetery

  46. Gorges


    Military site : airfield

  47. Gorleston on Sea

    Gorleston on Sea

    Other location

  48. Gosfield


    Military site : airfield
    First used as an airfield during the First World War, when known as Royal Flying Corps/RAF Sible Hedingham, it was built as Gosfield for the Eighth Air Force and then Ninth Air Force in 1942-43. Home to first the 365th Fighter Group, then the 397th...

  49. Goswick Bay

    Goswick Bay

    Crash site

  50. Goxhill


    Military site : airfield
    Goxhill opened in June 1941 as an RAF Bomber Command airfield, before being handed over to RAF Fighter Command in December. The Eighth Air Force took ownership in August 1942, and used the airfield, which they quickly dubbed 'Goat Hill' for operational...