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  1. UPL 49656

    Capt. Jerome Halston Ludder

  2. UPL 49655

    S/Sgt Richard J Allee, 94BG

  3. UPL 49654

    James L White

  4. UPL 49653

    LtCol Melvin Schulstad, 2Lt Edythe Nelson (303rd Hospital Nurse), Capt Marion "Dutch" Niemants, Major William Heller

  5. UPL 49613

    31st Fighter Group giving up their Spitfires at Castle Volturno January 1944. Left to right: Belmont, McClaughlin, Harmeyer, Souch, Blumenstock.

  6. UPL 49652

    Walter Soha, Edward Bryant, Mark McDermott

  7. UPL 49651

    Taken during publicity shoot in August 1942 at Westhampnett England

  8. UPL 40626

    This memorial was erected in memory of the airmen who were killed when their B-24, 42-52196, crashed on Mt. Skorve in Norway on 9th September 1944....

  9. UPL 49647

    Biggs Field, El Paso, Texas - 2 Aug 1942 (left to right) Bill Goetz, Milt Conver, Billy B. Southworth, Ehle Reber, Glenn Hagenbuch

  10. UPL 49646

    "Mr. Hayes and Mr. Phillips, representing the New York Times, took pictures of my crew and airplane. Several different shots were taken. They will...

  11. UPL 49645

    Sgt Russell F. Terrell, front, was a Power Turret and Gunsight Mechanic in the 444th Sub Depot. Thanks to his son Mervyn for the photo.

  12. UPL 49644

    Sack time for Ehle Reber, Molesworth

  13. UPL 49643

    Ehle Reber writes in his journal and visits with Bill Goetz in their Molesworth barracks.

  14. UPL 49642

    Stephen and Jerome Callahan,

  15. UPL 49640

    Stephen R. Callahan

  16. UPL 49639

    1Lt Ehle H. Reber (P), 2Lt Jarold J. Byrom (N), 2Lt Robert J. Swindle (B), 2Lt Allan D. Mitchell (CP). This was the cover photograph on the New...

  17. UPL 49638

    Roommates Bill Goetz, Don Stockton and Ehle Reber

  18. UPL 49637

    Ground Crew of B-17F 41-24562 Sky Wolf (358BS) VK-A watching for their plane to return. Sky Wolf was lost on January 11, 1944. Photo courtesy of...

  19. UPL 49636


  20. UPL 49635

    Col William S Winneshiek

  21. UPL 49634

    2nd Lt Ferris Clinton Suttle Jr, 359FG

  22. UPL 49633

    Capt William Trevilian Turner Jr, 381BG. Yearbook photo.

  23. Joe DeCusati UPL 22677

    Joe Decusati after flight school painted by his father Emiddio. Joe who was KIA during WW2. He was in the 8th airforce and his planes name was...

  24. UPL 49632

    1943 "North Star" flight crew B-17 Flying Fortress (FC-A, serial number 42-107070) of the 571st Bomb Squadron, 390th Bomb Group.

  25. UPL 49630

    P51 (5E-E) "Easy Does It" Piloted by Dick "Spider" Smith

  26. UPL 49629

    Father Edmund J. Skoner joins the congregation in singing during church services. - 21 March 1943, Molesworth

  27. UPL 49628

    Dick "Spider" Smith training in his P-51 "Easy Does It"

  28. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 9167

    A P-47 Thunderbolt (serial number 42-25315) of the 79th Fighter Group, 12th Air Force....

  29. UPL 49627

    James A. Hobbs, 306th Bomb Group, 369th Bomb Squadron.

  30. UPL 49626

    At a Red Cross party for refugees, an american soldier keeps two youngsters amused with a picture book. 303rd Bomb Group, England. 10 Oct. 1943.

  31. UPL 49625

    Royal visit Red Cross Club, Molesworth

  32. UPL 49624

    303rd Bomb Group Basketball Team

  33. UPL 49623

    Jerry Dobbins

  34. UK1282 UPL 49621


  35. The Molesworth Pilot 303rd Bomb Group Newsletter UPL 49620

    drawing made by Cpl. Edward W. Schaefer and signed by members of the John A. Matheson crew, 360th BS in August or September 1944. Signatures are...

  36. The Molesworth Pilot 303rd Bomb Group Newsletter UPL 49619

    FINIS A. BRUMBELOE CREW - 360th BS (crew assigned 360BS: 27 Oct 1943 - photo: Rapid City, SD 19 Aug 1943)...

  37. John Simmons Young Collection UPL 38533

    The B-24D, The Blue Streak was an original aircraft the Halverson Project (HALPRO) intended to bomb Japan from bases on the China coast. Instead...

  38. John Simmons Young Collection UPL 36409

    The B-24D # 42-40644 'Florine JuJu' / '71 Teggie Ann' / '71 The Blue Streak' - after the Ploesti mission with Lt. John S. Young, 1943....

  39. UPL 49609

    Kilgore Cemetery, Kilgore Texas

  40. UPL 14396

    Pilot Lt. Royden LeBrecht with the nose art and name of his B-24D Liberator bomber, # 4111761 - 'The Squaw' - formerly named, 'Sleepy', from...

  41. John Simmons Young Collection UPL 15181

    B-24 Liberator #41-11803 'Rosie Wrecked Em' and crew from the 9th Air force, the 98th Bomb Group, and the 344th Bomb Squadron. 'Rosie Wrecked 'Em'...

  42. UPL 49614

    Publicity shoot for the 31st Fighter Group during August 1942.

  43. Edward H. Daves UPL 49606

    The 615th Squadron, 401st Bomb Group.

  44. Edward H. Daves UPL 49605

    Edward H. Daves & crew.