We found 47355 media

  1. UPL 51202

    The Peacemaker (43-37552), Maj. Reaume and crew, 401st BS, 91st BG

  2. UPL 51201

    Liberty Run (42-107042 LL-Z ) Rentmeester Crew, 401st BS, 91st BG...

  3. UPL 51200

    B-17 42-3210, 323BS, 91BG - A flare caught fire in A/C nose while taxying for a practice mission 2-Jun-43.

  4. UPL 51199

    B-17 42-31673 after a port undercarriage collapse when landing under the command of Lt Burtt.

  5. UPL 51198

    B-17 42-31673 after a port undercarriage collapse when landing under the command of Lt Burtt.

  6. IWM Collections: unit histories Document 51197

    20th Fighter Group Unit History, complete copy...

  7. Robert Addison UPL 51191

    Robert Addison, Squadron Communications Officer (front center, with cap) and the Communications Squadron of the 339th Fighter Group, 8th Air Force....

  8. Robert Addison UPL 51196

    Ralph M. Hodgens and Robert John Addison, at the 1984 Reunion of the 339th Fighter Group.

  9. Robert Addison UPL 51195

    Front row: William C. Shelnutt, Ralph M. Hodgens, Latesky?...

  10. Robert Addison UPL 51193

    Ralph M. Hodgens, Robert John Addison, Dale K. Fitzgerald, and Robert L. Sugg at the 1984 Reunion of the 339th Fighter Group.

  11. Robert Addison UPL 51194

    Robert L. Sugg, Dale K. Fitzgerald, Robert John Addison, Ralph M. Hodgens, and William C. Shelnutt at the 1984 Reunion of the 339th Fighter Group.

  12. UPL 51192

    1st Lt John C. Weisgarber, 323BS, 91BG

  13. UPL 51190

    1st Lt William Lynn Eblen, 323BS, 91BG

  14. UPL 51189

    S/Sgt Charles D Forcum, 323BS, 91BG

  15. UPL 51126

    B-17 42-107040 'Shirley Jean', 323rd BS, 324th BS, 91st BG...

  16. UPL 51188

    Clayton Robert Christiansen of the 388th Bomb Group

  17. UPL 51187

    2nd Lt Peter M Delo, 323BS, 91BG

  18. UPL 51186

    S/Sgt Robert W Heller, 323BS, 91BG

  19. UPL 51177

    S/Sgt Anthony J Barbotti, 323BS, 91BG

  20. UPL 51176

    S/Sgt Urban Jacobski, 323BS, 91BG

  21. UPL 51174

    Noted on back "Amarillo, TX USA 10 Nov 1943; Edwin seated second row, 3rd from left "AM Mech" school, Amarillo Fld, Tx

  22. UPL 51175

    Edwin M Kirchgessner circa 1945

  23. UPL 51173

    Capt WG Young Jr 82nd FS

  24. Robert Addison UPL 51172

    First Lieutenant Robert John Addison.

  25. Robert Addison UPL 51169

    Certificate of Appreciation for Robert Addison.

  26. Robert Addison UPL 51170

    Newspaper article noting Robert Addison's promotion from Second Lieutenant to First Lieutenant.

  27. Robert Addison UPL 51171

    Newspaper article with Robert Addison and members of his squadron communications section, 1944.

  28. UPL 51163

    S/Sgt Joseph T Depoti, 323BS, 91BG

  29. Glenn Adkins Blakemore UPL 51162

    Glenn Adkins Blakemore. 1956

  30. UPL 51161

    S/Sgt Walter P Meader, 323BS, 91BG

  31. UPL 51118

    B-17 'Sugar Blues' (42-37939 OR) 323rd BS, 91st BG...

  32. UPL 51160

    Samuel Madison Cole (Right) and brother Earl Leslie Cole (Left). I believe this photo was taken at the Sudbury Airbase.

  33. UPL 51145

    Klette's Wild Hare's (44-8588) 323rd BS, 91st BG L-R: B/Gen William Gross, Maj Immanuel J. Klette, Maj Charles S. Hudson

  34. UPL 51159

    S/Sgt Howard F. Morris, 324BS, 91BG

  35. UPL 51158

    2nd Lt William J Brennan, 324BS, 91BG

  36. UPL 51157

    S/Sgt Charles J Justen Jr, 324BS, 91BG

  37. UPL 51156

    S/Sgt Joseph L. Norton, 324BS, 91BG

  38. UPL 51155

    George Jackson Zierenberg, 1943

  39. UPL 51154

    George Jackson Zierenberg, 1941

  40. UPL 51151

    Hitler's Gremlin (42-3043) Lockhart Crew, 401st BS, 91st BG. 18 August 1943...

  41. UPL 51153

    Gypsie aka Blood N' Guts (44-8324 LL-R) Holmes Crew, 401st BS, 91st BG...

  42. UPL 51152

    Qualified Quail (42-97851 LL-K ) Lyons Crew, 401st BS, 91st BG