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  1. UPL 48912

    Lt's Eugene Murphy and Robert M McKibben at the nose of P-51 44-14862 'Jersey Bouncer'

  2. UPL 48911

    1st Lt Robert McKibben, 364FG

  3. John O'Brien UPL 48910

    Herbs wife Geneva had this newspaper cutting of Herbs interview with the press ,before being shot down Feb 8th 1944....

  4. UPL 48909

    "Lt. Murphy and his crew chief pose on the wing of their North American P-51 'Jersey Bouncer' of the 364th Fighter Group at an 8th Air Force base...

  5. UPL 48908

    Douglas B-17G-DL, 42-38005, crash site after lost to enemy action. 351st BG, STORMY WEATHER

  6. UPL 48907

    P-51 Mustang 44-14032 'My Norma' 384FS, 364FG....

  7. UPL 48906

    P-51 Mustang 44-14032 'My Norma' 384FS, 364FG, forced landing, having ran out of fuel and bellied in at RAF Bawdsley.

  8. UPL 48904

    1LT Virginia K. Longyear Nurse 298th General Hospital

  9. UPL 48899

    1Lt Wayne Downing Pilot 416th BG - 668th & 670th Bomb Squadrons - 9th AF

  10. UPL 48896

    Lt Col Jack J Oberhansly, 82FS, 78FG

  11. UPL 48895

    Lt. Harry B Slater, Erlanger, KY. 82nd Fighter Squadron. P-47D 43-25300 MX-I_ "B Hope".

  12. UPL 48893

    2nd Lt Harry B Slater, 82FS, 78FG.

  13. UPL 48892

    Gravestone of Woodrow Agder Lien in Riverside Cemetery, Brockton, Montana

  14. Thomas Loyd Bartley UPL 48888

    Thomas L. Bartley

  15. UPL 48891

    F/O James H Chandler, 381BG

  16. John Simmons Young Collection UPL 15318

    B-24D Liberator - #42-40738 - 'The Oklahoman' and Crew : ...

  17. UPL 15323

    Brig Gen Edward J. "Ted" Timberlake poses with medal recipients....

  18. John Simmons Young Collection UPL 15321

    B-24D Liberator - # 42-40738 - 'The Oklahoman' shown with pilot, John C. "Jack" Martin from Tishomingo, Oklahoma, who named, 'THE OKLAHOMAN'. ...

  19. Sabrina III UPL 48890


  20. Thomas Bartley UPL 48889

    Thomas L. and Fount B. Bartley being awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross

  21. Sabrina III UPL 48887

    Sabrina III 42-95209

  22. UPL 48884

    1LT William Fairfield Tripp III with his son 416th BG - 669th BS - 9th AF

  23. Jean H UPL 48882

    2Lt Robert D Smith...

  24. UPL 48881

    T/Sgt Lloyd J Blood

  25. UPL 48880

    B-17 44-8368, 749BS, 457BG

  26. UPL 48879

    1Lt Warren M Wesson of Brooklyn, NY, 82nd Fighter Squadron, 78th Fighter Group.

  27. UPL 48878

    Crew chief T/Sgt. Clarence H Koskela adds another victory marking to P-47D 42-8530 MX-E of the 82nd Fighter Squadron whilst pilot Lt. Warren M...

  28. UPL 48876

    B-17 42-97827 'My Mary Myrtle' 751BS, 457BG.

  29. UPL 48875

    1st Lt Warren M Wesson, 8FS, 78FG.

  30. UPL 48874

    "SLIGHT TEAR--Men of a First Air Division base view a ripped of a Boeing B-17 Flying fortress which managed to return safely after being attacked...

  31. UPL 48873

    B-17 43-38594 'Lady B Good' 457BG. A/C is minus its damaged port wing after being mauled by a Me262 over Berlin on 18-Mar-45.

  32. Document 48871

    "Lt. Joseph D McIntyre USAAF European Theater of Operation June 1943-October 1944"

  33. UPL 48870

    2nd Lt William M. Hummer, 44BG

  34. UPL 48868

    Brigadier General Edward Nolen Backus Commander - 87th Combat Bomb Wing 9th Air Force

  35. UPL 48867

    2nd Lt Julian T Darlington crew....

  36. UPL 48864

    T/Sgt Dale G Hulsey, 343BS, 98BG

  37. UPL 48863

    2nd Lt Major Roland Gillett

  38. UPL 48862

    S/Sgt Ned A Howard in Cairo, after his release from POW camp in Bulgaria

  39. UPL 48860

    Harry Brent Rogers Jr.

  40. Donald S. Graham UPL 48856

    Don Graham was a B-17 waist gunner/togglier flying out of Great Ashfield with the 385th BG 548th BS as a member of the Gerald Stalcup crew. Donald...

  41. Donald S Graham UPL 48857

    Sgt Donald S Graham in flight gear.

  42. Leon F Stewart UPL 48855

    Color coded listing of 1st Lt Leon F. Stewart's missions, aircrafts, and crew members flown with the 614th and 615th Bomb Squadrons.

  43. UPL 48853

    Sgt. Donald S. Graham pictured with the members of his crew:...

  44. UPL 48841

    "Republic P-47 crew chief S/Sgt Robert H. McCord of Nashville, assisting pilot Lt Alwin M Juchheim, prior to take off from an 8th Air Force base in...

  45. Leon F Stewart UPL 48851

    1st Lt. Leon F. Stewart - Lead Navigator - 401st BG

  46. UPL 48850

    2nd Lt Gray A Mashburn, 552FS, 495FG.

  47. AAF Still Photo Collection UPL 48849

    This Douglas B-17F-DL looks to match the AAM synopsis for the B-17F-40-DL at 42-3275 SACK TIME transfered to the 94th BG from the 92nd BG (MARY B).

  48. 359th Fighter Group Association UPL 38948

    Capt. Charles V. Cunningham of the 370th Fighter Squadron, 359th Fighter Group with a P-51 Mustang nicknamed "Mary Jane".