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  1. 41-11819

    41-11819 Raunchy

    B-24 Liberator
    Lost on Ploesti oil refinery raid. 1st Aug 1943. MACR 169....

  2. 41-11825

    41-11825 Hail Columbia, Grumpy, Little Chief Big Dog

    B-24 Liberator
    This aircraft originally served in the 9th Air Force, the 98th Bomb Group, and the 344th Bomb Squadron as 'HAIL COLUMBIA'. It was 344th's CO Col. John R. Kane's personal aircraft until Kane became the 98th Bomb Group CO and turned it over to Herman ...

  3. 41-11836

    41-11836 'Lil De Icer'

    B-24 Liberator
    Transferred from 345th BS, 98th BG, 9th AF, 25 Aug 44. B-24 Liberator #41-11836 'Lil De Icer' 415th BS, 98th BG, 9th AF flew on 1st Aug 43 Ploesti oil refinery raid piloted by James L Merrick, returning safely to Libya.

  4. 41-11840

    41-11840 The Witch

    B-24 Liberator
    Failed To Return - This aircraft was lost on the low-level Ploesti mission 1 Aug 43. It made a forced landing near the border of Bulgaria and Yugoslavia following a running fight with enemy fighters. Six of the crew became POWs in Bulgaria, the other...

  5. 41-11886

    41-11886 'Lil Joe'

    B-24 Liberator
    B-24 #4111886 'Lil Joe' lost on 1st Aug 43 Ploesti oil refinery raid, A/C had large fuel leak in bomb bay prior to target, pressed on and bombed target with A/C bursting into flames from leaked fuel, pilot pulled aircraft into climb to enable bail out,...

  6. 41-11896

    41-11896 Nightmare

    B-24 Liberator
    Flew on 1st Aug 43 Ploesti oil refinery raid, pilot Lt Col Julian M Bleyer, returning safely to Libya. Shot down on 3rd Sep 43 mission to bomb Sulmona, Italy marshaling yards, pilot Herman E Stephens - 7 KIA / 3 POW MACR 463

  7. 41-11913

    41-11913 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

    B-24 Liberator
    The aircraft's nose art depicted the Disney Princess Snow White, and was painted by crew chief Amos Nicholson. ...

  8. 41-11916

    41-11916 'Tangerine'

    B-24 Liberator
    B-24 Liberator #41-11916 'Tangerine' 513th BS, 376 BG, 9th AF, flew on 1st Aug 43 Ploesti oil refinery raid piloted by Charles L Hobbs, returning safely to Libya. RCN changed, 20/38/42.

  9. 41-11921

    41-11921 'Northern Star' 'Doc'

    B-24 Liberator
    B-24 Liberator #4111921 'Northern Star' 'Doc' 343 BS, 98 BG, 9 AF, flew on the 1st Aug 43 Ploesti raid. The aircraft successfully bombed the target and returned safely to Benghazi, Libya despite being intercepted by enemy fighters over Bulgaria.

  10. 41-11935

    41-11935 'Per Diem the Second'

    B-24 Liberator
    B-24 Liberator #41-11935 'Per Diem the Second' 514th BS, 376th BG, 9th AF, flew on 1st Aug 43 Ploesti oil refinery raid piloted by Robert H Storz, returning safely to Libya.

  11. 41-131610

    41-131610 Hard Luck

    B-26 Marauder
    B-26 Marauder assigned to the 553rd Bombardment Squadron of the 386th Bomb Group

  12. 41-14270

    41-14270 'Belchin Bessie'

    P-40 Warhawk
    Curtiss P-40 41-14270 'Belchin Bessie', 33rd Fighter Group, 12th Air Force.

  13. 41-14378


    P-40 Warhawk

  14. 41-14512


    P-40 Warhawk

  15. 41-17590


    B-26 Marauder
    Martin B-26B Marauder 41-17590, 70th BS, 38th BG. Lost in mid air collision on local altitude training flight. 13th Oct 43. Colided with P-39D 41-7043, 70th FS, 347th FG, 13th AF, no bail outs observed from either A/C, 7 KIFA. MACR 16411....

  16. 41-17724

    41-17724 “Red Hot”

    B-26 Marauder
    41-17724 444th BS, “Red Hot Rabbit” crash on return from bombing of the Trapani Milo Airdrome, Sicily - Jun 15, 1943. Unidentified crew...

  17. 41-17792

    41-17792 Nana

    B-26 Marauder
    On 8 July, 1943 'Nan' 41-17792 of the 444th Bomb Squadron was part of an attack on the Gerbini Airdrome No. 11 in Sicily. The aircraft crashed on takeoff from the airfield at Massicault, Tunisia. The pilot was Robert C. Burns, the copilot was Douglas...

  18. 41-17845


    B-26 Marauder

  19. 41-17856


    B-26 Marauder
    Lost in transit from Florida to UK

  20. 41-17858

    41-17858 Coughin`Coffin

    B-26 Marauder
    Lost an engine to flak on 50th mission, right wing nearly torn off in belly landing. Rebuilt and sent back to the States for a war bond promotion.

  21. 41-17921

    41-17921 Mary V

    B-26 Marauder
    Assigned to 450BS, 322BG, 9AF USAAF. Severely damaged on combat mission. Not repairable 14-Sep-43. Scrapped.

  22. 41-17929

    41-17929 Gawja Jerk

    B-26 Marauder

  23. 41-17934

    41-17934 Pappy's Pram

    B-26 Marauder

  24. 41-17943


    B-26 Marauder
    Assigned to 450BS, 322BG, 8AF USAAF. Destroyed in fatal crash Bassingbourn. Gusty conditions and a mechanical problem with the fin appear to be the causes. 26-Apr-43. Pilot Lt Clyde H Larey Jr.

  25. 41-17961


    B-26 Marauder
    41-17961 was on a training flight on 27 December 1943. It belonged to the Headqurters of the 3rd Combat Crew Replacement Center. Due to a mechanical failure, the plane crashed on landing at RAF Toome, Antrim, Northern Ireland. All five crew safe :...

  26. 41-17973


    B-26 Marauder
    Assigned to 450BS, 323BG, 9AF USAAF.

  27. 41-17982


    B-26 Marauder
    B-26B 41-27982 was shot down by AA fire on 17-May-1943 while on a mission to bomb a power station at Ilmuiden, Holland. The aircraft crashed into the sand dunes at Rozenburg, Holland. 3KIA, 3POW. MACR 15539.

  28. 41-17985

  29. 41-17995

    41-17995 'Tondelayo' 'Mister Period Twice'

    B-26 Marauder
    Assigned to 451BS, 322BG, 9AF USAAF. Named 'Tondelayo' initially, participated in the 322BG's first raid on power plants in Ijmuiden, Holland (14th May) but not in the second one (17th May). It was later renamed 'Mr Period Twice' because it missed this...

  30. 41-17998


    B-26 Marauder

  31. 41-18014


    B-26 Marauder
    Assigned to 450BS, 322BG, 9AF USAAF.

  32. 41-18022

    41-18022 'El Diablo'

    B-26 Marauder
    Assigned to 450BS, 322BG, 9AF USAAF.

  33. 41-18038

    41-18038 'Hell Wagon'

    B-26 Marauder
    Assigned to 450BS, 322BG, 9AF USAAF.

  34. 41-18054

    41-18054 Jezabelle

    B-26 Marauder

  35. 41-18058


    B-26 Marauder
    B-26B-4-MA 41-18058 [ER:S] was assigned to the 322BG/450BS at Andrews Field, UK. On 9-Sep-43 the aircraft was struck by flak over the target of the coastal defenses near Boulogne, France. The aircraft entered a spin, rolled on its back and crashed into...

  36. 41-18063

    41-18063 "L'il Joe"

    B-26 Marauder
    Assigned to 452BS, 322BG, 9AF USAAF.

  37. 41-18072


    B-26 Marauder
    Assigned to 450BS, 322BG, 9AF USAAF. Transferred to 3rd Combat Crew Replacement Center. Lost on short navigational flight out of Toome, Nth Ireland, when it crashed in an Antrim hills peat bog, tail first. 6 x Killed non Operational (KNO). 4-Jul-44.

  38. 41-18075

    41-18075 "MR FIVE BY FIVE"

    B-26 Marauder
    Missions flown 24

  39. 41-18086

    41-18086 'Draggin lady'

    B-26 Marauder
    Assigned to 450BS, 322BG, 8AF USAAF. Failed to Return (FTR) repeat raid to Ijmuiden, Holland. Hit by flak on return ditched in North sea, co-pilot ejected from cockpit and sole survivor. 1 x POW, 5 x KIA. 17-May-43. MACR 15129.

  40. 41-18090


    B-26 Marauder

  41. 41-18099

    41-18099 'Lorraine'

    B-26 Marauder
    Assigned to 450BS, 322BG, 9AF USAAF. Failed to Return (FTR) mission to bomb a power station in Harlem, Holland. Ditched in English channel after being shot up by fighters off enemy coast. 2 x RTD, 4 x KIA. 17-May-43. MACR 16165.

  42. 41-18251

    41-18251 'Ye Mystic Kreve'

    B-26 Marauder
    Assigned to 449BS, 322BG, 9AF USAAF. Force landed in Spanish Morrocco 23-May-43. 6 x Returned to Duty (RTD).

  43. 41-18252


    B-26 Marauder
    Assigned to 449BS, 322BG, 9AF USAAF. Crashed 3 miles SE of RAF Pembrey 4-Jun-43. 5 x Returned to Duty (RTD).

  44. 41-18272

    41-18272 'Murder Inc'

    B-26 Marauder
    Assigned to 449BS, 322BG, 9AF USAAF.

  45. 41-18276

    41-18276 Pickled Dilly

    B-26 Marauder

  46. 41-18284

    41-18284 Texas Tarantula

    B-26 Marauder

  47. 41-18289

    41-18289 'Colonial Rebel'

    B-26 Marauder
    Assigned to 449BS, 322BG, 9AF USAAF.

  48. 41-18305


    B-26 Marauder

  49. 41-18511


    C-47 Skytrain

  50. 41-18603


    C-47 Skytrain