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62nd Troop Carrier Squadron


Extract from Presidential Unit Citation:
"...against the enemy on 5, 6, and 7 June, 1944 ... members of Group Headquarters, and of the 32nd, 50th, 61st, and 62nd Troop Carrier Squadrons of the 314th Troop Carrier Group accomplished 106 sorties thereby distinguishing their organization through extraordinary heroism, determination, and espirit de corps in a flawlessly coordinated group effort in which Troop Carrier planes spearheaded the Allied invasion of the European continent.
All aircraft participating were unarmed and unarmored, flew at minimum altitudes and airspeeds, over water, and into the face of vigorous enemy oposition to unload their paratroops with utmost accuracy, making a notable contribution to the success of the intitial phases of the European invasion."


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Station Location Date
Based Saltby 24 February 1944 – March 1945



  • Theodore Brewer

    Military | Technical Sergeant (2nd Grade) | Crew Chief, C-47, Troop Carrier Squadron,
    Ted Brewer enlisted in the Army Air Corps a week after Pearl Harbor, aged 19 years. He served with the 62nd Troop Carrier Squadron in French Morocco, Tunisia, Castelvetrano -Sicily (taking part in Operation Husky). The unit was then assigned to RAF...

  • Leo Hollinger

    Military | Sergeant | Ground Crew | 314th Troop Carrier Group
    Sgt. Leo B Hollinger was in the 62nd Troop Carrier Squadron, 314th Group in England. His troop carriers helped deliver paratroopers on D-Day. Awards: AM, EAME (1 battle star).

  • Joe Moelich

    Military | Co-Pilot/ C-47 aircraft

  • Jim Sullivan

    Military | Pilot/C-47 aircraft

  • Ralph Teague

    Military | Radio Operator/ C-47 aircraft


  • 42-93002

    C-47 Skytrain
    C-47 42-93002 took part in the airborne assault on D-Day. The aircraft was carrying members of the 82nd Airborne and was reported to be taking violent evasive action over the drop zone, near Ste Mere Eglise to avoid enemy fire. The aircraft was last...

  • 43-16026 Witch Hazel

    C-47 Skytrain
    Forced down in Hungary on 19 November 1951 and interned. ...


Presidential Unit Citation received for the period of July 9-11, 1943
Presidential Unit Citation received for the period of June 5-7, 1944


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Cicippio, T: "A Very Short History of the 61st Troop Carrier Squadron" online at
Vlahos, MC: "Men Will Come: A History of the 314th Troop Carrier Group 1942-1945"

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Units in the UK from ETOUSA Station List, as transcribed by Lt. Col. Philip Grinton (US Army, Retired) and extracted by IWM; air division data from L.D. Underwood, based on the 8th Air Force Strength Report of 6th August 1944, as published in 'The 8th Air Force Yearbook' by Lt. Col. John H Woolnough (1980)