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Alesani Airfield

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Detailed history

Alesani airfield (Advanced Landing Ground Alesanie) was an airfield that formed part of the "USS Corsica" airbase complex on the east coast of Corsica.
The airfield was constructed by the allies very early in 1944 and occupied by the 340th Bombardment Group from mid-April 1944 until late-April 1945. The 340th Bombardment Group consisted of the 486th, 487th, 488th and 489th Bombardment Squadrons. These squadrons had planes with tail fins marked "6", "7", "8" or "9" respectively, followed by a letter identifying the particular aircraft.
The crew chiefs and their ground crews who serviced, repaired, and maintained the aircraft typically adorned their planes with artwork, names, and other personal touches
Like the other airfields, its runway ran north-south. A lighthouse situated approximately 1 mile SW of the airfield provided a good landmark. Also, there were four pierced steel warm-up aprons connected by taxi-track to the prepared strip. East and west of the air strip were 140 hard standings for the aircraft connected by taxi-tracks to either end of the landing strip. The control tower was located on the west side of the center of the prepared strip. Two huts and two portable barracks housed the administration and operations sections. The personnel was living in tents.
There was a First Aid station at the airfield and a hospital at Cervione, 4 miles to the north.

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  • 340th Bomb Group

    340th Bomb Group

    Activated on 20 August 1942. The 340th. Bombardment Group trained with B-25's for duty overseas. They arrived in the Mediterranean theater in March 1943. Assigned first to the Ninth Air Force and later (in August 1943) to the Twelfth. Served in combat...


  • Russell Ahlstrom

    Military | Staff Sergeant (3rd Grade) | Flight Engineer | 340th Bomb Group

  • George Bacher

    Military | Staff Sergeant (3rd Grade) | Aircraft Mechanic | 340th Bomb Group

  • Louis Bergh

    Military | First Lieutenant | Pilot | 340th Bomb Group

  • Raymond Bilodeau

    Military | Staff Sergeant (3rd Grade) | Gunner | 340th Bomb Group

  • Alan Borden

    Military | First Lieutenant | Bombardier | 340th Bomb Group

  • William Brassfield

    Military | Captain | Pilot | 340th Bomb Group
    William Herbert Brassfield earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering at the University of Michigan. He worked in the manned spaceflight program. He retired from the USAF with the rank of Colonel.

  • Fred Brent

    Military | First Lieutenant | Bombardier | 340th Bomb Group

  • Lewis Bulkeley

    Military | Captain | Pilot | 12th Bomb Group

  • Thomas Cahill

    Military | First Lieutenant | Bombardier | 12th Bomb Group

  • William Capson

    Military | Second Lieutenant | Co-Pilot | 340th Bomb Group

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