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Detailed history

Grombalia Airfield is an abandoned World War II military airfield in Tunisia, which is located approximately 112 kilometres (70 mi) east-southeast of Hammam-Lif, about 16 kilometres (9.9 mi) southeast of Tunis. It was a temporary airfield constructed by Army Engineers using Pierced Steel Planking (PSP) for its runway, parking and dispersal areas, not designed for heavy aircraft or for long term use.

It was used by the United States Army Air Force Twelfth Air Force 82d Fighter Group during the North African Campaign, flying P-38 Lightnings from the airfield between August and October 1943.

After the Americans moved east in October, the airfield was closed and dismantled. Today, the former main runway is visible in aerial photography, however no buildings or physical features remain.

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  • 82nd Fighter Group

    82nd Fighter Group

    The 82nd Fighter Group flew training missions from bases in Northern Ireland between October and December 1942. They then joined the Twelfth Air Force in North Africa, supporting the ground invasion of Tunisia, Sicily and Italy. Between October 1943...


  • Louis Curdes

    Military | Lieutenant Colonel | Fighter Pilot 1055-single engine | 82nd Fighter Group
    Flight leader 95th FS 82nd FG MTO 6 air kills Shot down by ME-109 on Aug 27, 1943 and captured but later escaped. MACR #549 Flight leader 4th FS 3rd Air Commando Group SWP 2 kills Flew C-54s during the Berlin Airlift. Retired has Lt Col in 1963

  • Gerald Rounds

    Military | Major | Fighter pilot | 82nd Fighter Group
    Gerald Rounds served as a fighter pilot with the 97th Fighter Squadron of the 82nd Fighter Group, flying P-38s in the Mediterranean Theater.


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