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Detailed history

41°37'38"N 015°26'38"E (Zanotti-Triolo - Allied)

runway: ../.. - ...x..m - ...

41°36'30"N 015°28'25"E (Amendola-Triolo)

runway: ../.. - ...x..m - ...

Triolo airfield was a captured Regia Aeronautica fighter airfield located approximately 8km southeast of San Severo in Apulia, Italy.
Triolo actually consisted of two airfields: Satellite #7 (Zanotti-Triolo) and Satellite #9 (Amendola-Triolo).
Satellite #7 on the north bank of the Triolo River became the new Allied airfield, whilst the airfield on the south bank was abandoned. Zanotti Triolo was repaired by the Corps of Engineers in September 1943 and put into use as Triolo by Twelfth Air Force fighter units immediately.
Known units to operate from the field were:
14th Fighter Group, flying the P-38 Lightning, from 12 September 1943 until 9 September 1944.
31st Fighter Group, flying the P-51 Mustang, from 15 July-August 1945.
It remained in operational use until August 1945 when USAAF turned over the facility to Allied Italian Co-Belligerent Air Force (Aviazione Cobelligerante Italiana, or ACI).

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  • 14th Fighter Group

    14th Fighter Group

    The 14th Fighter Group (USAAF) was a P-38 Lightning Group that fought in Tunisia and the Italian campaign, as well as providing bomber escorts for attacks across southern Europe. ...


  • George Baird

    Military | First Lieutenant | Fighter Pilot | 14th Fighter Group

  • Norman Jackson

    Military | Captain | Fighter pilot | 14th Fighter Group
    Norman Jackson served as a P-38 fighter pilot with the 49th Fighter Squadron of the 14th Fighter Group. He had two confirmed victories, one on 27 January 1944, the second on 20 April 1944.

  • Darrell Stoyke

    Military | Second Lieutenant | Pilot | 14th Fighter Group
    Lt. Darrell K. Stoyke '44Ex, Lightning fighter pilot previously reported missing in action August 19 over France, was killed on that date according to word received here recently. Lt. Stoyke is credited with destroying one Nazi plane and another...



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