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Joseph Amato


Joseph has a brother Carmela Amato, they were likely orphans as they are found on the 1930 New York Census as living in the St. Josephs Peeksville Children's Home there. This home was meant to house children that were either orphans or children whose parents were no long able to look after them. Joseph was only 19 when he lost his life in the war. Joseph was crew aboard the 42-96263.

The 42-96263 of the 587th Bomber Squadron, 394th Bomber Group Medium, IX BC Ninth AF was stationed out of Station No.161 located in Boreham, Essex during WWII. On D-Day, June 6, 1944 while on route to a mission the 263 was involved in a mid air collision with the 42-96050 of the 587th Bomber Squadron, 394th Bomber Group Medium, IX BC Ninth AF over Gillingham, Kent, England at 5:05 am. The planes were part of a larger group also flying that D-Day on a mission. Poor weather was said to have been the cause of the accident. Weather at the time of the accident was reported as: Vis 7 mi, wind 8 mph, 7/10, light rain. The pilot of the 263 was not flying on instruments at the time of the crash. Heresay testimony of civilians in the vicinity on Gillingham, Kent - as noted on the accident report - indicates that one aircraft was flying around beneath the overcast. The other aircraft came down out of a large black cloud and the two collided. No actual eyewitnesses were found.

The 42-96050 jettisoned some of its bombs then crashed into homes on Corporation Road in Gillingham, killing the entire crew and four civilians. Six homes were demolished. The 42-96263 crashed into an orchard at the East Court Farm in Gillingham, Kent also killing all the crew.


Units served with


Event Location Date
Born 4 November 1924
Died 6 June 1944
Enlisted New York, NY, USA


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