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Sidney Bartlett


Bartlett joined the during as a and was assigned to the Army Pictorial Service. However he was not interested in making training films and used connections to meet , who was on the staff of Brig. Gen Eaker. . . Lay had a background in both journalism and Hollywood and arranged for Bartlett to meet Maj. Gen. Spaatz , after which Bartlett became Spaatz's . aide-de-campWith the establishment of the 8th AAF in England, Bartlett was transferred there and joined the staff of the Eighth's Bomber Command as an assistant intelligence officer. . There he came into daily contact with the inner workings of Air Force commanders in England, including Brig. Gen. Frank Armstrong , and was a close observer of the development of the Eighth into a powerful combat force. In November 1944, Major Bartlett became the Wing Intelligence Officer for the 315th Bomb Wing under Armstrong and served with it on . [Guam


Units served with

  • Headquarters (8th Air Force)

    Headquarters (8th Air Force)

    8th Air Force Headquarters opened in London under the command of General Carl A Spaatz on 19 June 1942. It oversaw all Commands, Wings and Groups engaged in the Strategic Bombing Campaign until February 1944, when it became US Strategic Air Forces in...

  • Headquarters Squadron (8th Air Force)


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Born Ukraine 10 July 1900


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Drawn from the records of the National Museum of the Mighty Eighth Air Force, Savannah, Georgia / wrote 12 O'clock with Bernie Lay Jr.