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Michael Clarence Hoover


Flew 30 missions, many on 'The Lemon'

DFC/ Air Medal w/ 3 Oak Leaf Cluster/ American Campaign Medal/ WW II Victory Medal/ Armed Forces Reserve Medal/ 2 Battle Stars



  • Raymond Ahaus

    Military | Staff Sergeant (3rd Grade) | Waist Gunner | 466th Bomb Group

  • Edward Elmi

    Military | Staff Sergeant (3rd Grade) | Ball Turret Gunner | 466th Bomb Group

  • Chester Horvath

    Military | Staff Sergeant (3rd Grade) | Nose Gunner | 466th Bomb Group

  • Edward Kozon

    Military | First Lieutenant | Navigator | 466th Bomb Group

  • James Morton

    Military | Technical Sergeant (2nd Grade) | Flight Engineer - Top Turret Gunner | 466th Bomb Group

  • Harold Reid

    Military | Technical Sergeant (2nd Grade) | Radio Operator | 466th Bomb Group

  • Arthur Roberts

    Military | First Lieutenant | Bombardier | 466th Bomb Group

  • Alexander Suto

    Military | First Lieutenant | Co-Pilot/Pilot | 466th Bomb Group

  • Edmond Turcotte

    Military | Staff Sergeant (3rd Grade) | Tail Gunner | 466th Bomb Group

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Units served with

  • 466th Bomb Group

    466th Bomb Group

    The 466th Bomb Group flew B-24 Liberators from Attlebridge, Norfolk, during the last year of the war in Europe. The Group flew 232 missions in the course of the year and celebrated the 100th one by inviting local people onto the base to mark the...

  • 785th Bomb Squadron


  • 41-28691 Mis'ter Chance

    B-24 Liberator

  • 42-52524 The Lemon

    B-24 Liberator
    "unknown to the crew, our B-24 had a serious defect. We discovered on a practice mission with the group that our B-24 was slow and could not at any practical power setting, keep up with the other B-24's in the formation. This observation met with...

  • 42-51099 Belle

    B-24 Liberator


  • 8th Air Force 275

    23 March 1944
    The industrial areas of Brunswick, Munster, Osnabruck, and Achmer, Germany as well as the airfield at Handorf, Germany become the targets for a force of 768 heavy bombers despatched by all three Air Divisions. The bomber gunner claims on German...

  • 8th Air Force 277

    24 March 1944
    This mission is composed of two elements, one from 1st Air Division and the other from 2nd Air Division. A total of 436 hevay bombers are despatched. The primary target for 1st Air Division is the the ball bearing plants at Schweifurt, Germany. 2nd Air...

  • 8th Air Force 282

    27 March 1944
    This mission might be likened to a "shotgun blast" as a combined force 714 heavy bombers are despatched form all three Air Divisions to attack 11 different German airfields and air depots in France. Mission summary follows: ...

  • 8th Air Force 291

    8 April 1944

  • 8th Air Force 293

    9 April 1944

  • 8th Air Force 295

    10 April 1944

  • 308A

    19 April 1944

  • 309

    20 April 1944

  • 323

    27 April 1944
    From the diary of Lt. David W LeBlanc: " This afternoon we went to Nancy France and it turned out to be a bad day. We had #3 off the group leader. It wasn't very deep in France when #3 engine started running terribly rough so we feathered it. While...

  • 327

    29 April 1944

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Associated Place

  • Attlebridge

    Military site : airfield
    Attlebridge was constructed for RAF use and completed to that standard in 1942. However, with news that it was to be assigned to the American Air Force, the runways were extended and additional hardstandings and outbuildings constructed for the heavy...


Event Location Date
Born Keene Township, Michigan 26 January 1919
Enlisted Battle Creek, MI, USA 21 March 1941

Fort Custer

Lived in Lowell, MI 49331, USA 1942

Rural Route #3

Graduated Pilot Training/Commissioned Pampa, TX 79065, USA 26 June 1943

Pilot Class 43F

4th Combat Mission Attlebridge, Norwich, UK 9 April 1944

While flying just above a cloud formation in "The Lemon" the formation was going so slow that our aircraft started to stall. To gain formation flying speed I lowered the nose. When I did that we lost contact with the formation and there was no way to rejoin it. We jettisoned our bombs in the North Sea and returned to base. The base was now socked in and we could not land, so the navigator suggested that we fly south. There we found sunshine and an airfield, so we landed. We had lunch and by the time we were finished our airfield had cleared and the rest of the group had returned from the mission and landed. When we did not return with the other crews we were told that our ground crew cried. Since no one had reported any enemy action, they may well have thought some mechanical error had caused the loss of our aircraft and ten men. The ground crew took there jobs very seriously. - Michael Hoover

Graduated East Lansing, MI, USA 1950

B.S. - Electrical Engineering
Michigan State University

Died Jacksonville, FL, USA 27 September 2012

Michael C. Hoover, 93, passed peacefully on September 27, 2012 in Jacksonville, FL.

Mike was born January 26, 1919 at the family farm-home in Keene Township, Ionia County, Michigan. His parents were John Henry Hoover and Elizabeth Anna Feuerstein. The family consisted of ten boys and one girl. Jacob Vincent, the youngest, is the only surviving sibling.

Mike was married to Pauline (Appleby) Hoover for 65 years. She passed away on April 1, 2010. Mike served in World War II as a pilot of a B-24 heavy duty bomber aircraft. A B-24 crew consisted of ten personnel. he crew flew 32 combat missions over France, Belgium, Holland and Germany. Mike acknowledged his bomber crew at the 8th Air Force Museum at Savannah, Georgia by donating a plaque. For combat duty Mike was awarded the Air Medal with three Oak Leaf Clusters and the Distinguished Flying Cross. Mike remained in the reserves where he retired as a Major in the year 1964 after 23 years.

Mike attended Michigan State College after serving in the military and graduated in June 1950 with a B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering.

Mike worked for the Electric Sorting Machine Co. or their various divisions for the next thirty years. From 1971-1979 he was the Chief Engineering Manager of the Electric Sorting Machine Division. During his thirty years with the company various patents were obtained under his name but all were assigned to the company. The patents included those for sorting lemons, rice, the “Hydrosort,” which sorted tomatoes, slide sorting and other equipment. Mike retired in 1980. He remained a life long member of the 2nd Air Division.

Mike had many hobbies too numerous to mention but over the past several years enjoyed collecting and organizing genealogical information on the Hoover-Feuerstein family which he published. He paid homage to past generations by ensuring their graves were appropriately marked.

Mike was a devoted member of San Juan del Rio Church and resided in Westminster Woods.

Buried Orange Park, FL, USA 30 September 2012

Jacksonville Memory Gardens
Orange Park
Clay County
Florida, USA


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Drawn from the records of the National Museum of the Mighty Eighth Air Force, Savannah, Georgia / self & Page 300 in the book THE SECOND AIR DIVISION by Turner Publishing Company, 1998 edition, D790.A2S45