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VIII Air Support Command 40

31 August 1943

Official description

Not yet known


76 B-26s from: 322BG (36) and 386BG (36) are despatched to bomb military installations at Hesdin, France. The mission is recalled when the target is foound to be obscured by clouds. There are no losses or claims.

Mission details

1. 62140 Hesdin, France



Aircraft type

B-26 Marauder


Cloud cover prevents bombing.


  • 386th Bomb Group

    386th Bomb Group

    The 386th Bomb Group flew B-26 Marauders for the Eighth and Ninth Air Forces. Whilst with the Eighth, the Group developed the formation release procedure for the B-26 on missions that targeted aerodromes, marshalling yards and V-weapon sites along the...

  • 387th Bomb Group

    387th Bomb Group

    The 387th Bomb Group flew just under thirty missions with the Eighth Air Force before being transferred to the Ninth Air Force in October 1943. The Group remained at Chipping Ongar, Essex after being reassigned and continued to hit targets in France....

Mission Statistics

Tonnage dropped None
Number of aircraft Sent 72


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Lee Cunningham 29-May-2015. Added Mission Narrative and corrected date per "The Mighty Eighth War Diary", Roger A. Freeman.

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Lee Cunningham, 8th Air Force missions research database / Stan Bishop's 'Losses of the US 8th and 9th Air Forces', the Combat Chronology of the US Army Air Forces and the work of Roger Freeman including the 'Mighty Eighth War Diary'.