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  1. UPL 49476

    1st Lt Raymond P Clotfelter, 335FS, 4FG.

  2. UPL 49475

    William J Clark - 32405696

  3. UPL 49446

    Lt Col Raymond L Schrup of the 361st Fighter Group

  4. UPL 31161

    This is Lt Raymond L Schrup flying the plane assigned to Lt. Claire P Chennault. 376th Fighter Squadron. P-51D 44-14520 E9-S "Hilma Lee". Named in...

  5. UPL 49448

    Edward J Marevka of the 361st Fighter Group with a P-51 Mustang, 1944

  6. UPL 48748

    B-24 Liberator (serial number 41-11913) nicknamed 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs' of the 98th Bomb Group at Lete Airfield, Benghazi, Libya, 1943

  7. UPL 49467

    Georgia Rebel II 42-38061 B-17G-DL 381st BG. ( MS )

  8. UPL 49471

    Grave marker for the communal grave of William Aaron Louis Ajello, Truman Armstrong, Laurence Barben, Roy Bolin, Robert Oleson and Charles...

  9. UPL 49468

    Capt. John R. Stern - P-51 - Pappy's Answer (serial number 44-14736 ) - 363rd FS - England

  10. UPL 49466

    F/O Leland Slane, 379th Bomb Group, 525th Bomb Squadron.

  11. UPL 49465

    2nd Lt. Dennis Lang, 379th Bomb Group, 525th Bomb Squadron.

  12. UPL 49464

    1st Lt. James M. Blain, 379th Bomb Group, 525th Bomb Squadron.

  13. UPL 49463

    2nd Lt. Clair W. Evans, 379th Bomb Group, 525th Bomb Squadron.

  14. UPL 49462

    A bomber crew of the 455th Bomb Group, with their B-24 Liberator (serial number 42-99771) nicknamed "Rusty Dusty"...

  15. UPL 49461

    1st Lt Herbert Jude Blanchfield, 334FS, 4FG

  16. UPL 49460

    The crew of B-17 Flying Fortress serial number 42-102645, of the 365th Bomb Squadron, 305th Bomb Group

  17. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 2151

    Three airmen of the 493rd Bomb Group with a B-24 Liberator nicknamed "IV F Sack Time Sally" decorated with the insignia of the 863rd Bomb Squadron....

  18. UPL 49459

    S/Sgt Edward M Goodall, 565BS, 389BG

  19. John Simmons Young Collection UPL 47734

    B24D - 'MALICIOUS' - SN # 41-11603 - 9th AF - 376th Bomb Squadron - 513th Bomb Squadron - Starboard /Right Side - HALPRO #22 RCL -...

  20. John Simmons Young Collection UPL 15273

    Lt. Roy Braly, pilot - standing left side - Pilot of the B-24D Liberator bomber, #42-40749, named, 'Sack Time Sally', from the 565th Bomb...

  21. Louis B Williams Jr UPL 49455

    Louis B Williams Jr

  22. Louis B Williams Jr UPL 49454

    Louis B Williams 833 Bomb Squadron Arlington National Cemetery

  23. UPL 49453

    Stewart Benjamin Boerner Pilot 416th BG - 670th BS - 9th AF

  24. UPL 49451

    Lt Sam Palant Crew, September 1944; Nunzio P. Addabbo (front-3rd-from-left)

  25. UPL 49450

    1LT Peter G. Royalty Bombardier/Navigator 416th BG - 671st BS - 9th AF

  26. World War II Experiences "Timeless Voices" Oral History Project UPL 49449

    Interview with Lt. Nunzio Addabbo; December 2007,

  27. UPL 49447

    Nunzio Addabbo, Navigator, Palant Crew, 601st Squadron, 398th Bomb Group

  28. Donald S Graham UPL 49435

    Sgt. Donald S Graham (as an Air Cadet) is 4th from the left on the bottom row. 338th College Training Detachment, Kutztown State Teachers College,...