We found 48204 media

  1. UPL 52209

    T/Sgt Harold C. Duff - DFC award card

  2. UPL 52208

    Harold Cameron Duff

  3. Owen Collection UPL 52207

    John A. Murnane, Jr.

  4. UPL 52205

    1at Lt Horace V Wells DFC award card

  5. UPL 52204

    2nd Lt Horace V Wells air medal award card.

  6. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 1422

    Sergeant Kosierowski, Sergeant Creegan and Sergeant Peek of the 385th Bomb Group load a camera into a B-17 Flying Fortress. Image stamped on...

  7. UPL 52203

    S/Sgt Carl William Groshell, 854BS, 491BG

  8. UPL 52202

    T/Sgt Robert L Branscom, air medal record card

  9. UPL 52201

    2nd Lt Robert L. Branscom. Aviation Student Class 43-H, Waco Army Air Field, Texas

  10. UPL 52200

    S/Sgt Carl I Alexanderson air medal award card.

  11. UPL 52199

    Capt Donald E. Woodward DFC award card.

  12. UPL 52198

    2nd Lt John Wayne Thayer air medal award card.

  13. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 2111

    A bomber crew of the 491st Bomb Group with their B-24 Liberator. Handwritten caption on reverse: 'Top L-R, S/Sgt Mener, Eng, Lt Day, Co-pilot, Lt...

  14. UPL 52197

    1LT Fred Daniel Brent Bombardier 340th BG - 489th BS - 12th AF

  15. UPL 52196

    1LT Louis Harry Bergh Pilot 340th Bomb Group - 489th Bomb Squadron - 12th Air Force

  16. UPL 52195

    Captain Francis Webber Scofield (Left) Bombardier 340th BG - 489th BS - 12th AF

  17. UPL 52194

    Crew listing for B-2444-40248, Yurcina crew.

  18. UPL 52193

    Thomas R. Curry

  19. UPL 52192

    S/Sgt Walter E Boggs, 491BG

  20. UPL 52191

    TSGT Robert Edmund Truman Radio Operator/Gunner 340th BG - 486th BS - 12th AF

  21. UPL 52190

    Ollin Frank Allison Obituary

  22. UPL 52189

    Ollin Frank Allison

  23. UPL 52188

    TSGT Rex M. Murphy Radio Operator/Gunner 340th Bomb Group

  24. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 2103

    Squadron commanders of the 491st Bomb Group stand atop the control tower. Handwritten caption on reverse: 'Tower- No pick, early '45 prob. L-R...

  25. UPL 52187

    B-25J-5-NC #43-28080 Code: 6E 340th BG - 486th BS - 12th AF Alesani Airfield, Corsica

  26. UPL 15384

    B-24D Liberator, 42-40776, YO, RCL H, Old Blister Butt, flown by Lt. Robert L. Wright, in the 564th BS, 389th BG, 8th AF, flew on 1st Aug 43...

  27. UPL 52186

    1LT James Robert Mell Pilot 340th BG - 486th BS - 12th AF

  28. UPL 14353

    The flight crew poses in front of the B-24D Liberator, 41-11817, Stinger, in the 415th Bomb Squadron - the 98th Bomb Group - and the 9th Air...

  29. UPL 14347

    The B-24D Liberator, 41-11817, Stinger, in the 415th Bomb Squadron, the 98th Bomb Group, and the 9th Air Force, launches from Benghazi, Libya on...

  30. UPL 52185

    2LT Howard Gilmore Reichard Bombardier 340th BG - 488th BS - 12th AS KIA - 2 February 1944

  31. UPL 52184

    Lt Gen James M Keck.

  32. DMD-FINDER UPL 52183

    On this map I have indicated exactly where I found the dogtag with the red cross.

  33. DMD-FINDER UPL 52182

    I found this dogtag in a park in the city Deventer in the Netherlands

  34. UPL 52179

    Colonel Frederick R Dent, 489BG

  35. UPL 52178

    Brigadier General Ezekiel Wimberly Napier, 489BG.

  36. UPL 52177

    Lt Col Carl T. Goldenberg, 491BG

  37. UPL 52176

    B-24 42-94905 'Censored', 486BS, 489BG.

  38. Allen McMurran UPL 52175

    Allen McMurran's bomber jacket.

  39. UPL 52173

    2nd Lt Gilbert R Roberts, 489BG

  40. UPL 29919

    Front row L-R 2LT John H Oates, Pilot. 2LT John F Mosher, co-Pilot. 2LT Robert Wideman, Navigator. 2LT William Follis, Bombardier. ...

  41. 2 UPL 52172

    SSGT Austin Ernest Dunaway Tail Gunner 340th Bomb Group - 488th Bomb Squadron - 12th AF KIA - 21

  42. UPL 52171

    1st Lt Eugene E Moss, 489BG

  43. UPL 52170

    S/Sgt William E. Lowther, 489BG

  44. UPL 52169

    2nd Lt Raymond C. Deats, 489BG

  45. Chris Brassfield Collection UPL 52168

    Major William Herbert Brassfield Pilot 340th Bomb Group - 489th Bomb Squadron - 12th AF post war photo

  46. UPL 52167

    S/Sgt Virgil Edmund Deyo

  47. UPL 52166

    S/Sgt Virgil Edmund Deyo

  48. UPL 52165

    Captain William Herbert Brassfield Pilot 340th Bomb Group - 489th Bomb Squadron - 12th AF Photo taken prior to entering pilot training

  49. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 2148

    A B-17 Flying Fortress of the 493rd Bomb Group. Image via Ed O'Neill (493rd BG, Photo ICM A75)....