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This contains information written on the back of the original print and some of it may be inaccurate.

Flight-Surgeon Captain George R. Hornig of the 61st Fighter Squadron, 56th Fighter Group and Lieutenant Eugene E. Barnum. Passed for publication on 29 November 1943. Printed caption attached to print: '"Ace" Flight-Surgeon is combination family physician, foster-father and chaplain. One of the "ace" flight-surgeons in the European Theatre of Operations in Captain George R. Hornig, 32, of Glen Head, Long Island, New York, a combination of family physician, foster-father and chaplain to the pilots, he "looks after" the men who fly the single-engined P-47 Thunderbolt fighters which escort the big bombers into Germany. Officially, it's his job to keep the combat men in tip-top physical condition; see that their equipment, particularly the oxygen apparatus, is functioning properly, and treat their wounds when they come back shot up. To prepare for this he studied aviation medicine - including psychology and plastic surgery - at the Army Air Corps School at Randolph Field, Texas.'



  • 56th Fighter Group

    56th Fighter Group

    Flying P-47 Thunderbolts throughout their time stationed in England, the Group, known as "the Wolfpack", had more ace pilots than any other Eighth Air Force Fighter Group. The 56th Fighter Group also destroyed more enemy aircraft in air combat than any...

  • 61st Fighter Squadron


  • Eugene Barnum

    Military | Captain | Fighter Pilot
    Assigned to 61FS, 56FG, 8AF USAAF. Completed one tour of duty, returning for a second tour. Credited with two aerial kills. Failed to Return (FTR) ramrod to Bingen in P-47 44-19739, positioning himself for a deflection shot on a Bf109, 2nd Lt Wyman A...

  • George Hornig

    Military | Captain | Ground Officer
    George R ‘Doc’ Hornig was responsible for the wellbeing of the pilots he worked with, administering medicine and conducting health checks to keep them flying. ...


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