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Capt. Wallace Emmer, 353rd FS and cameraman 1st Lt. A.R. Madsen stand by "The STARS LOOK DOWN", the P-51B Mustang fighter which carried the Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces over front lines. The Mustang was modified by the 461st Air Service Squadron with a "rumble seat" behind the pilot.



  • 43-6877 "Short-Snorter" - ''The Stars Look Down''

    P-51 Mustang
    P-51B s/n 43-6877 was originally GQ+Z "Short-Snorter" and flown by 1Lt John Carpenter. It was ground looped on May 27, 1944 and rebuilt has a 2 seater by SSgt Prudhomme and Sgt Barone.


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