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B-24D - THE BLUE STREAK - # 42-40644 - Lt. John S. Young and the famous B-24D Liberator bomber, THE BLUE STREAK on a war bond tour of America after Lt. Young's last combat mission to Ploesti, Romania. THE BLUE STREAK was assigned to Young for the tour, along with Lt. Royden LeBrecht, who brought his airplane, THE SQUAW, and his crew back to the states for the tour, along with Col. Walter Stewart and his crew. Lt. Young's airplane, KICKAPOO, had crashed and burned on takeoff for the Ploesti mission, killing all but two of it's replacement crew. Col. John Kane's personal airplane, HAIL COLUMBIA, that he and Lt .Young had flown on the Ploesti mission, had crashed and was destroyed on landing at the British air base at Nicosia, Cyprus, after the mission. THE BLUE STREAK became famous to many Americans who saw it on it's war bond tour in 1944, and was sold as a model airplane by the Revell Model Company, even though it did not fly on the Ploesti mission.



  • John Young

    Military | Major | B-24 Command Pilot
    Lieutenant John S. Young was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. Bored with college at SMU in Dallas, and knowing the country was headed for war, he joined the Army Air Force early in 1941 and began training as an aviation cadet. He was known as "Johnny"...


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