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This contains information written on the back of the original print and some of it may be inaccurate.

Major General Carl Spaatz awards Major Charles Kegelman, Lieutenant Randall M Dorton, Sergeant Robert Golay and Sergeant Bennie Cunningham of the 301st Bomb Group with medals. Image stamped on reverse: 'Graphic Photo Union.' [stamp], and '003348.' [Censor no.] Printed caption on reverse: 'AMERICAN PILOTS DECORATED. Pilots of the American Army Air Corps, who celebrated American Independence Day (July 4th) by taking part with the RAF in a daylight bombing raid on German occupied territory in Europe, were today decorated at an aerodrome somewhere in England [censor has ammended this to read: 'Britain'] 11/7/42. OPS MAJOR GENERAL SPAATZ (Air Corps Chief in Europe of the United States Army Air Force) is seen pinning the Distinguished Service Cross on Captain [ammended to 'Major'] Kegelman, the pilot of one of the machines that took part in the raid. His machine was hit by flak over the target area, the propellor and nose of one of his starboard engines being shot off and on fire. The Boston Bomber hit the ground damaging the starboard wing and holing the fuselage. Capt [ammended to 'Major'] Kegelman recovered control and through intense anti-aircraft fire, brought the machine back to base on one engine.'



  • 301st Bomb Group

    301st Bomb Group

    Activated 3-February-1942 at Geiger Field, Washington and equipped with B-17s. On 27-May-1942 the ground unit moved to Alamogordo Army Air Field, New Mexico, and the aircraft went to Muroc Army Air Field (now Edwards Air Force Base), California for...


  • Bennie Cunningham

    Military | Sergeant | Gunner
    Assigned 303BG. Awards: DFC.

  • Randall Dorton

    Military | Lieutenant | Navigator

  • Robert Golay

    Military | Technical Sergeant | Flight engineer
    Assigned to 301BG. Awards: DFC.

  • Charles Kegelman

    Military | Major | Pilot
    Kegelman received the Distinguished Service Cross for the 8th Air Force's first bombing action over Europe on 4 July 1942. The right propeller of his Douglas Boston was shot away by flak while over the target at De Koog. Further ground fire caused...

  • Carl Spaatz

    Military | General | Commanding General, 8th Air Force
    A few weeks after Pearl Harbor, in January 1942, General Spaatz was assigned as chief of the Army Air Force Combat Command at Washington and promoted to the temporary rank of major general. In May 1942, Spaatz was designated commander of the Eighth Air...



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