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  1. UPL 50546

    2Lt Allan H Ferguson, 398BG

  2. Henry T Chiba UPL 50543

    Baby boomer family in the 50’s

  3. Henry T Chiba UPL 50544

    Sweethearts forever

  4. UPL 50542

    Thalmann Crew, 94th BG. 18 Aug. 1943...

  5. Henry T Chiba UPL 50539

    Henry T Chiba “Diamond Lil” B24

  6. UPL 50538

    "'Liberator's Travelling Circus - 'Travelling Circus' has become the nick name of the American Liberators on shuttle service. One day they may...

  7. UPL 16379

    Carson Crew, 401st BG, 613th BS. 42-31591 "Homesick Angel"...

  8. Principe’s crew UPL 50537

    Principe’s crew Shipdham

  9. Henry T Chiba UPL 50536

    Henry T. Chiba 68SQ, 44BG

  10. Principe’s crew UPL 50535

    Principe’s crew, Shipdham, 68SQ, 44BG, Spring 1944

  11. J V Principe’s Crew, 68SQ, 44BG UPL 50534

    Lt Henry T. Chiba, Nav, 2nd row, 2nd from left. JV Principe’s crew: back row, Suddreth, Chiba, Principe, Allen

  12. UPL 50533

    FDR's Potato Peeler Kids, 303rd Bg. KIA 14 May 1943 (except 2Lt. Browning who was KIA 31 March 1943)...

  13. UPL 50532

    1Lt Gene Harold Cole, 55FG

  14. UPL 50531

    Leroy D Hess Jr, 359FG

  15. UPL 50530

    2Lt Whitney Fulton Poythress Jr, 390BG

  16. UPL 50529

    Lt William Smithdeal and crew. 525BS, 379BG.

  17. UPL 50528

    2nd Lt Henry T Bengis, 379BG

  18. UPL 50527

    Capt Jack M Beckman, 355FG

  19. UPL 50526

    2nd Lt Martin Downard Coffey, 339FG

  20. UPL 50525

    B-17 42-3335 'Fickle Finger of ?' 549BS, 385BBG

  21. Charles R Herbison UPL 50524

    Gerald Duffy NARA Death Cert (pdf page 113) Translations of American Incidents - AV 2101/45 - AV 2250/45...

  22. UPL 50523

    Lt Col Niven Kendall Cranfill, 359FG

  23. UPL 50522

    Constantine S Chioles

  24. UPL 50521

    Pete D Cherednik, 355FG

  25. Vaughan UPL 50520

    Lt. Bernard Vaughan (Pilot) and Lt. Walter Faulkner (Co-Pilot) 493rd BG. Taken in Atlantic City April 1945 after return to the States from the ETO

  26. Vaughan UPL 50519

    Lt. Bernard E Vaughan - Pilot 861st Sq-493rd BG - Station 152 Debach, UK Nov 1944 (Colorized Photo)

  27. DeLoach UPL 50518

    1st Lt. Benjamin Hoyt DeLoach, Pilot, Air Crew 422

  28. Donald S Graham UPL 50516

    Lt. Henry Franklin and ground crew.

  29. Donald S Graham UPL 50515

    Little Friend Cherokee Kid.

  30. UPL 50513

    Radio operator of the 303rd BG

  31. Donald S Graham UPL 50512

    385th BG's Dragon Lady 42-30836 contrails.

  32. UPL 50511

    T/SGT. Nelson P. Keefer, radio operator, 458th BG, is pictured after returning from mission.

  33. Donald S Graham UPL 50510

    385th BG bombs away.

  34. Donald S Graham UPL 50509

    385th BG bombing through clouds.

  35. Donald S Graham UPL 50508

    385th BG casualty.

  36. Donald S Graham UPL 50507

    385th BG Bombing airfield.

  37. UPL 50506

    1LT. Donald C. Todt. (See accompanying text in separate attachment)

  38. UPL 50504

    1st Lt Edward C Jones Jr, 744BS, 456BG

  39. UPL 50503

    "Crew members of the Liberator "Patsy Ann II" discuss the blow at the beaches where the allied troops have landed. Left to right: S/SGT. Tyrus J....

  40. UPL 50502

    Ball Turret Gunner, Harry J. Brody, of the 303rd BG

  41. UPL 50501

    "At 46, Sgt. Gardner is the oldest air gunner on combat duty with the 458th BG. Sgt. Garden served 16 months in France the last war [WW1] and saw...

  42. UPL 50500

    M/Sgt James T Sanford, 744BS, 456BG

  43. John Simmons Young Collection UPL 39169

    Lt. Harold Korger flew as navigator on the B-24D Liberator heavy bomber, SN # 41-11825, 'Hail Columbia", on the mission to Ploesti, Romania, ...

  44. UPL 50483

    Rudolph Kostka, Jr. B-17 pilot of "I'll Get By"; 3rd Bomb Division; 96th Bomb Group; 337th Bomb Squadron; Snetterton Heath; flew 33 combat missions.

  45. Eugene Vanhala UPL 50499

    Eugene Vanhala, 2nd Lt, at Stalag Luft III prisoner of war camp in Germany (present day Poland).