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  1. UPL 49632

    1943 "North Star" flight crew B-17 Flying Fortress (FC-A, serial number 42-107070) of the 571st Bomb Squadron, 390th Bomb Group.

  2. UPL 49630

    P51 (5E-E) "Easy Does It" Piloted by Dick "Spider" Smith

  3. UPL 49629

    Father Edmund J. Skoner joins the congregation in singing during church services. - 21 March 1943, Molesworth

  4. UPL 49628

    Dick "Spider" Smith training in his P-51 "Easy Does It"

  5. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 9167

    A P-47 Thunderbolt (serial number 42-25315) of the 79th Fighter Group, 12th Air Force....

  6. UPL 49627

    James A. Hobbs, 306th Bomb Group, 369th Bomb Squadron.

  7. UPL 49626

    At a Red Cross party for refugees, an american soldier keeps two youngsters amused with a picture book. 303rd Bomb Group, England. 10 Oct. 1943.

  8. UPL 49625

    Royal visit Red Cross Club, Molesworth

  9. UPL 49624

    303rd Bomb Group Basketball Team

  10. UPL 49623

    Jerry Dobbins

  11. UK1282 UPL 49621


  12. The Molesworth Pilot 303rd Bomb Group Newsletter UPL 49620

    drawing made by Cpl. Edward W. Schaefer and signed by members of the John A. Matheson crew, 360th BS in August or September 1944. Signatures are...

  13. The Molesworth Pilot 303rd Bomb Group Newsletter UPL 49619

    FINIS A. BRUMBELOE CREW - 360th BS (crew assigned 360BS: 27 Oct 1943 - photo: Rapid City, SD 19 Aug 1943)...

  14. John Simmons Young Collection UPL 38533

    The B-24D, The Blue Streak was an original aircraft the Halverson Project (HALPRO) intended to bomb Japan from bases on the China coast. Instead...

  15. John Simmons Young Collection UPL 36409

    The B-24D # 42-40644 'Florine JuJu' / '71 Teggie Ann' / '71 The Blue Streak' - after the Ploesti mission with Lt. John S. Young, 1943....

  16. UPL 49609

    Kilgore Cemetery, Kilgore Texas

  17. UPL 14396

    Pilot Lt. Royden LeBrecht with the nose art and name of his B-24D Liberator bomber, # 4111761 - 'The Squaw' - formerly named, 'Sleepy', from...

  18. John Simmons Young Collection UPL 15181

    B-24 Liberator #41-11803 'Rosie Wrecked Em' and crew from the 9th Air force, the 98th Bomb Group, and the 344th Bomb Squadron. 'Rosie Wrecked 'Em'...

  19. UPL 49614

    Publicity shoot for the 31st Fighter Group during August 1942.

  20. UPL 49613

    31st Fighter Group giving up their Spitfires at Castle Volturno January 1944

  21. Edward H. Daves UPL 49606

    The 615th Squadron, 401st Bomb Group.

  22. Edward H. Daves UPL 49605

    Edward H. Daves & crew.

  23. UPL 49601

    Captain Harry L. Barr USAAF and his Spitfire Mk-IX. Skipper was pet name for his wife Micki.

  24. UPL 49600

    First P-51 for the 31st Fighter Group

  25. 447th Bombardment Group UPL 19475

    Crew of the Lil Skippy, 708th, Rex, Kates, Frank Mazzio, Charles Wood, Harold Moran and others of the 708th.

  26. UPL 49596

    2LT Melvin Alderman (rear-far-right)

  27. UPL 49595

    RAF Molesworth 303rd Bomb Group Memorial

  28. John Simmons Young Collection UPL 39169

    Lt. Harold Korger flew as navigator on the B-24D Liberator heavy bomber, SN # 41-11825, 'Hail Columbia", on the mission to Ploesti, Romania, ...

  29. UPL 20568

    Lt. Donald Nee's P-47C-5-RE, VF-N, 41-6536 "Sandman." Crew member Bernard G Tyrrell 336FS, 4FG, 8AF USAAF.

  30. UPL 49591

    2Lt Melvin Alderman

  31. UPL 49590

    William Jackson Wintersteen

  32. UPL 49589

    Kenneth S Hastings

  33. UPL 49588

    Gilbert Eaglefeather

  34. Papers Of Capt Harry L. Barr UPL 49587

    1st Lt Harry L Barr Awarded Bronze Oak Leaf for Air Medal 3 Sep 1943

  35. Papers Of Capt Harry L. Barr UPL 49586

    1st Lt Harry L Barr orders awarding Air Medal 3 Sep 1943

  36. Papers Of Capt Harry L. Barr UPL 49585

    2nd Lt Harry L Barr initial duty orders 28 July 41

  37. Papers Of Capt Harry L. Barr UPL 49584

    Captain Barr with Mt Vesuvius in the background.

  38. Papers Of Capt Harry L. Barr UPL 49583

    1st Lt Harry Barr assigned as Assistant Operations Officer of 31st Fighter Group 1 Sep 1943

  39. Falcon Field 4BFTS UPL 49581

    David Crosby 2nd Right