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B-17 Flying Fortress

Delivered Cheyenne 29/7/44; Hunter 7/8/44; Dow Fd 22/8/44; Assigned 391BS/34BG [3L-W] Mendlesham 23/8/44; battle damaged Hannover 15/12/44 with John Kimmerle, Co-pilot: Neil Talbot, Navigator: Bill Mahon, Bombardier: Capt Don Rankin, Flight engineer/top turret gunner: Darrell Zufell, photo-Mike Derenge, Ball turret gunner: Denton Armstrong, Waist gunner: Tom King,Tail gunner: Glen Young (10 Returned to Duty); force landed Melsbroek A/fd, Bel and burnt out; Salvaged 2/1/45.



  • Oliver Bolduc

    Military | Master Sergeant | Crew chief | 34th Bomb Group
    Assigned to 391BS, 34BG, 8AF USAAF. Crew chief for B24H 42-52738 'Wilson' which was shot down by a Ju88 while returning to Mendlesham at dusk. ETD Awards: BS, GC, WWII Victory, EAME.


  • Mendlesham

    Military site : airfield
    Built in 1942-1943, Mendlesham's first flying unit was the RAF's No. 310 Squadron - a Czechoslovakian unit. The airfield then became home to the USAAF 34th Bomb Group. This unit flew missions from Mendlesham in B-24s and B-17s.


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Dave Osborne, B-17 Fortress Master Log