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Hello, my name is Elizabeth (aka. Betsy), I am one of two remaining children of my Pop, the late American Tech. Sgt. William H. Marra (aka. "Deets") who was a Tail-Gunner during WWll. I am married to John J. Jorgensen, who has been faithfully serving the Brown fleet, UPS, for nearly 28 years. We have 7 children and a grandson between the two of us, only one daughter amongst the crew. My Highest Rank: Devoted Wife; My role/jobs: Domestic Engineer, Self-employed as an Actress/Model. It's my honor and privilege to be able to contribute to this online American Air Museum. I will do my best to provide as much relevant and correct information to this database. It's my heart's desire to obtain the WWll Journal, penned by my father himself. He had given it to me before he passed but somehow it ended up elsewhere. Pray with me that it will be returned to me so that I will be able to share Pop's first-hand accounts of his WWll experience. Cheers and God Bless!
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