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My uncle Roy M. Webber was a pilot in the 838th Bomb Squadron of the 487th Bomb Group at Lavenham, Suffolk, England in 1944. I helped edit ‘The History of the 487th Bomb Group (H)’ by Ivo de Jong (2004); and coauthored ‘Photo History of the 487th Bomb Group (H)’ with Ivo de Jong and Lee Hauenstein (2010). An ongoing project is to add biographies to the Find A Grave pages of 487th Bomb Group veterans who were killed in action. See the link below for a Virtual Cemetery of these men, which contains links to their Find A Grave pages. Note: The 487th Bomb Group did not have an official wartime motto or insignia. The motto ‘Gentlemen From Hell’ became associated with the Group after the war, when the 487th Bomb Group Association was formed in 1967. For more information, see the link below for ‘Memorandum about 487th Bomb Group Insignia’, which is on the 487th Bomb Group website.
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