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  1. Rackheath


    Military site : airfield
    First allocated to the Eighth Air Force as a bomber base in August 1942, Rackheath was then earmarked as a fighter base but, because of delay in construction, was never used as such. Built during 1943, the station had three concrete runways, 50 loop...

  2. Rackheath Holy Trinity Church

  3. Rackheath Industrial Estate Memorials

  4. Rainbow Corner, London

    Rainbow Corner, London

    Military site : non-airfield

  5. Ramitelli


    Military site : airfield

  6. Ramsbury


    Military site : airfield
    Planned as an RAF operational training station, Ramsbury was allocated while under construction to the Eighth Air Force as a transport base. Built during 1942, it had eventually three concrete runways, 28 pan and 24 loop hardstandings, and two T2...

  7. Rattlesden


    Military site : airfield
    Built for the Eighth Air Force in 1942, Rattlesden had three concrete runways, 50 hardstandings and two dispersed T2 hangars. Intended to be a twin-engine B-26 bomber base, it was originally a satellite for nearby Rougham, and first occupied from...

  8. Rattlesden Gliding Club

    Rattlesden Gliding Club

    Other location

  9. Rattlesden Memorial

    Rattlesden Memorial

    Other location

  10. Raydon


    Military site : airfield
    Although never used as such, Raydon was built during 1942-43 as an Eighth Air Force bomber base, with three concrete runways, 50 loop and one pan hardstandings, and two dispersed T2 hangars. Initially on loan to the Ninth Air Force, it was first...

  11. Raydon Airfield Memorial

    Raydon Airfield Memorial

    Other location

  12. Reczyn, Poland

    Reczyn, Poland

    Crash site

  13. Red Feather Club Museum

    Red Feather Club Museum

    Other location

  14. Redgrave Park

    Redgrave Park

    Military site : non-airfield

  15. Redlingfield Memorial

    Redlingfield Memorial

    Other location

  16. Reedham War Memorial

  17. Reims / Champagne

    Reims / Champagne

    Military site : airfield

  18. Remeham


    Military site : non-airfield
    Home of 19th Air Support Command.

  19. Rennes


    Military site : airfield

  20. Rhone American Cemetery and Memorial

  21. Riddle Field

    Riddle Field

    Military site : airfield

  22. Ridgewell


    Military site : airfield
    Built during 1941-42 as an RAF bomber station, Ridgewell operated as a satellite to RAF Stradishall until May 1943. It had three concrete runways, initially 36 pan hardstandings, and two dispersed T2 hangars. Taken over by the Eighth Air Force in June...

  23. Ringshall


    Military site : non-airfield
    Crowcroft Road, Nedging, built to the west of Wattisham 377.

  24. Ringwood


    Military site : non-airfield

  25. Riseley


    Military site : non-airfield
    Chemical units were based here. Possibly part of the camp complex in the adjacent Melchbourne Park. Exact Location unknown.

  26. Rivenhall


    Military site : airfield
    Originally allocated to the Eighth Air Force as a heavy bomber base, Rivenhall was built during 1943-44 but transferred to the Ninth Air Force before construction was complete. It had three concrete runways, 51 loop hardstandings and two dispersed T2...

  27. Roke Manor

    Roke Manor

    Military site : non-airfield

  28. Romsey


    Military site : non-airfield
    One of 16 country houses or 'flak homes' which catered for approximately 25 airmen at a time to come for Rest and Recuperation away from the stress of flying missions. Run by the American Red Cross, each serviceman was entitled to at least one rest...

  29. Rookery Farm,Walcott, Norfolk

  30. Rosieres en Haye

    Rosieres en Haye

    Military site : airfield

  31. Rougham Control Tower Museum

  32. Roye / Amy

    Roye / Amy

    Military site : airfield

  33. Royston


    Other location

  34. Rudloe Manor

    Rudloe Manor

    Military site : non-airfield
    It was the manor house which was was probably used as Headquarters Ninth Tactical Command. Bath Stone was quarried from here leaving a vast set of underground caverns which were used by the military since the 1930s. Located next to RAF Box (No. 10...

  35. Rumburgh, Suffolk

    Rumburgh, Suffolk

    Other location

  36. Rushden


    Military site : non-airfield

  37. Saffron Walden

    Saffron Walden

    Military site : non-airfield
    Headquarters 65th Fighter Wing. Exact location unknown.

  38. Saint Lambert

    Saint Lambert

    Military site : airfield

  39. Saint Peter & Saint Paul, Lavenham

  40. Saint-Dizier


    Military site : airfield

  41. Saint-Donat


    Military site : airfield

  42. Saint-Pierre-du-Mont


    Military site : airfield

  43. Saint-Pierre-la-Vieille


    Military site : airfield

  44. Saint-Saire, France

    Saint-Saire, France

    Crash site

  45. Sainte Marie-du-Zit

    Sainte Marie-du-Zit

    Military site : airfield

  46. Salsola


    Military site : airfield

  47. Saltby


    Military site : airfield
    Initially a grass airfield satellite to RAF Cottesmore, Saltby opened in August 1941 as the home of No. 14 OTU, but closed for development in August 1943. When allocated to the Ninth Air Force in February 1944, it had three concrete runways, 33 loop...

  48. San Giovanni

    San Giovanni

    Military site : airfield

  49. San Pancrazio

    San Pancrazio

    Military site : airfield

  50. San Severo

    San Severo

    Military site : airfield