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Cambridge Herschel Road

Military site : non-airfield

Detailed history

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  • David Cobb

    Military | Private | Aviation Engineer
    Private, Company C, 827th Engineer Battalion (Aviation), serving in Great Britain during World War II. He was the first American soldier executed for a crime during World War II. He was executed by hanging for the murder of 2nd Lieutenant Robert J....

  • Willie Lewis

    Military | Private First Class
    Lewis was Dishonorably discharged from the USAAF and sentenced to 15 years Hard Labour on 12 May 1943 for the attempted rape of Private Joan Swarbick of the ATS, for assaulting Technician John Black of the 827th Aviation Engineering Battalion and...

  • Willner Ramer

    Military | Private First Class
    Name: Willner L Ramer ...

  • Charles Shaffer

    Military | Private
    Shaffer was dishonorably discharged from the USAAF and sentenced to hard labour on 16 April 1943 for raping Rose Preen, a British girl in Tiptree, Essex on 7 February 1943.


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