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Folkingham was built as a decoy airfield - kniown as a 'KQ' site in 1940-1941. Built up as a bomber Station for the RAF in 1943, it was handed to the Ninth Air Force in 1944, where it was used by the 313th Troop Carrier Group. It was also used as a USAAF air evacuation station. Handed back to the RAF in 1945, it was used as a Thor missile base from 1959-1963. The airfield was mostly returned to agriculture from 1963.



  • Luke Anderson

    Military | Technical Sergeant (2nd Grade) | Crewchief | 313th Troop Carrier Group
    Luke Anderson was Crewchief on 42-23529, and flew all missions from Husky to Market

  • Robert Anuszewski

    Military | Staff Sergeant (3rd Grade) | 313th Troop Carrier Group
    Robert J Anuszewski was Crewchief on C47 42-32877 during all the war. With that aircraft he flew Husky 1 and 2, Giant 1 and 2, Neptune 1 (D-day) and 2. And 3 missions in Market (not confirmed) His aircraft did not miss any mission.

  • John Bagley

    Military | Second Lieutenant | Navigator | 313th Troop Carrier Group
    Assigned to 49TCS, 313TCG, 9AF USAAF. Failed to Return (FTR) re-supply mission to Cotentin peninsula 7-Jun-44; A/C crashed in swamp Kairtan, FR Killed in Action (KIA) MACR 6013 Awards: PH.

  • George Basel

    Military | Captain | Pilot | 313th Troop Carrier Group

  • John Birchman

    Military | Staff Sergeant (3rd Grade) | Crewchief | 313th Troop Carrier Group
    Birchman was in 47th TCS as Crewchief in 42-32865. He fly 3 of 4 in Husky/Giant. The plane was damaged on D-day and did not fly the day after. Birch also got a C-46 and fly Varsity.

  • Harry Bowers

    Military | Corporal (5th Grade) | 313th Troop Carrier Group
    Bowers was radiooperator in 42-32877 on Giant 2 mision.

  • Allen Braem

    Military | Captain | Pilot | 313th Troop Carrier Group
    He was in 47th TCS from the start and flew the first missions as Co-pilot. At Giant 2 he was pilot on 42-32877. At D-day he flew 42-32867, which got some damage, and grounded on the day after. He was at the Squadron until end of war and flew all missions.

  • Thomas Breeden

    Military | First Lieutenant | 313th Troop Carrier Group
    Thomas M Breeden was pilot in 47th TCS. On D-Day he got glasssplinters in one eye, and was probably not able to fly anymore.

  • William Brooks

    Military | Second Lieutenant | 313th Troop Carrier Group
    Co-pilot on 42-32877 on D-day

  • Willis Brown

    Military | Staff Sergeant (3rd Grade) | Radiooperator | 313th Troop Carrier Group
    Sgt Willis I Brown was Radiooperator in 47th TCS. He was in the Squadron from the beginning until January 1945 and flew most of the operations. On D-day he flew with 42-32827

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  • 43-15632

    C-47 Skytrain
    Assigned to HQ Sqn, 313TCG, 9AF USAAF. Failed to Return (FTR) troop re-supply mission to Cherbourg peninsula 7-Jun-44; Crossing coast into France hit by flak in port engine, carried onto DZ, dropping supplies, coming off the DZ, hit in starboard engine...

  • 43-15637

    C-47 Skytrain
    Assigned to 49TCS, 313TCG, 9AF USAAF. Failed to Return (FTR) Re-supply mission to Carentin peninsula 7-Jun-44; Crashed in swamp Kairtan, FR 4 x POW, 3 x KIA. MACR 6013

  • 42-68698

    C-53 Skytrooper
    C-53 Skytrooper (serial number 42-68698) took part in the airborne assault on D-Day, dropping troops from the 82nd Airborne Division at about 2:20 AM on 6 June 1944, the aircraft was piloted by 1st Lieutenant Samuel M Willis Jr.

  • 42-32877

    C-47 Skytrain
    Assigned to 47TCS, 313TCG, 9AF USAAF. Chalk #36 Serial 22. Pilot Elwin R Smith. D-Day carrying members of 1th btn, 508th PIR. ...

  • 43-15075

    C-47 Skytrain
    42-15075 was assigned to 47th TCS before D-day, and fly Neptune 1 and 2. Probably also on Market.


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