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George W Morse


George W Morse from Massachusetts was one of the USAAF cadets who joined the RAF trainees at Riddle Field, Clewiston No 5 British Flying Training School. As he had worked for the Associated Press he was recruited as Assistant Editor for Course 13's Listening Out publication and was very involved with the other cadets.

Following his graduation from 5 BFTS, he was based in England and, as 2nd Lieutenant, was shot down returning from a mission to Berlin and became a Prisoner of War.



  • Cliff Bjornsen

    Military | Chief Ground School Instructor
    Mr Cliff E Bjornsen was the Chief Ground School Instructor at 5 British Flying Training School in Florida based at Riddle Field. He was a well respected instructor and in April 1943 the Embry-Riddle Flypaper reported, " According to the latest report...

  • David Blackhall

    Military | Pilot
    David Richard Croft Blackhall was from Diseworth, Derbyshire, UK and arrived at No 5 British Flying Training School at Clewiston with the RAF students in 1942 to join Course 13. He shared a room with William Cushner at Riddle Field, Clewiston, while...

  • William Cushner

    Military | Lieutenant Colonel | Pilot
    Born and raised in Kingston he received an associate degree from Bucknell Junior College. Serving 28 years with the active Air Reserve he had trained as a civilian pilot and, while training with the USAAF, Maxwell Field, Alabama, he was one of 15...

  • Eric Denham

    Military | Flight Lieutenant | Pilot
    Eric was born in Pontefract, Yorkshire, in 1922. His father, Major Stanley Denham, was an army officer with the York and Lancaster Regiment. In 1918 he went missing as he tried to join up in Halifax but was too young and had to return home. As soon as...

  • Charles Hopkins

    Military | Staff Sergeant | Tail Gunner | 305th Bomb Group Can Do
    Charles Hopkins was part of the 364th Bombardment Squadron. He served as a Tail Gunner in a B-17, completing 32 missions from 29 April 29 1944 to 26 September 1944.

  • Samuel Huston

    Military | Colonel | Pilot
    Born in Ohio, USA, Samuel Huston signed the 5 BFTS Anniversary book for No 5 British Flying Training School at Riddle Field, Clewiston in 1943. In a letter to William Cushner in 1992 he records the following memories: ...

  • John Jordan

    Military | Second Lieutenant | Pilot / Instructor
    John Jordan attended 5 BFTS (Course 13) from January-July 1943. ...

  • Thomas Persinger

    Military | Wing Commander | Pilot
    Captain Thomas E Persinger was First Lieutenant, Operations and Engineering officer August 1941- August 1942 . He went on to Lakeland Florida and then moved to No 5 British Flying Training School at Clewiston from the beginning of the school in...

  • Fred Renshaw

    Military | Second Lieutenant | Pilot
    Fred Renshaw was a U.S. cadet at Riddle Field’s Course 12, the first course that saw American and British cadets training together. He was a contributor to Roger Out, a Course 12 publication prepared by a talented editorial committee of cadets (writers...

  • George Renvoize

    Military | Flight Lieutenant | Pilot
    Originally from London, England, G.A Renvoize joined the No 5 British Flying Training School Course 13 and used his artistic skills by publishing line-drawings and caricatures in the Fly Paper weekly publication. He was also recognized by J P Riddle as...

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Units served with

  • 5 British Flying Training School

    5 British Flying Training School

    The 'Arnold Scheme' (1941-43) and the British Flying Training Schools (1941-45), with the co-operation of Squadron Leader Mills DFC and President Roosevelt, enabled the setting up of flight training in the USA for RAF pilots to train alongside American...


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