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William B Kennedy


"Flew my first mission in June, 1944 and my last in October, 1944"

Bill has written up memories of his time with the 100th Bomb Group for the Association's website. Read the full version here:

Here is an excerpt:
On seeing the sky full of bombers, he wrote:
"When the days were clear, it was surreal. Blue sky above and red rooftops dotting green ground below. There were eerie, hollow hums and whines on VHF. Contrails got to be a hazard, forcing succeeding groups higher. On Mes (Maximum Efforts) it was possible for the large number of planes to create so many contrails that it amounted to an artificial overcast."

"Try flying formation on instruments. The one at the controls fixed on the lead ship, the other pilot calling out attitude from the instrument panel to help overcome vertigo. For example: "...level, ...shallow turn left, ...climbing turn right." Formations flying in the soup didn't hold together very long."

"The most nerve-wracking part of the flight? All of it, especially the bomb run. The most boring part of the flight? None of it."


Units served with

  • 100th Bomb Group

    100th Bomb Group

    "The Bloody Hundredth", so-called because of a reputation for losing a high number aircraft and crews, flew B-17s from Thorpe Abbotts, Norfolk. Their losses were not the highest of any Eighth Air Force Group but on several occasions the Group lost many...

  • 351st Bomb Squadron

Associated Place

  • Thorpe Abbotts

    Military site : airfield
    Home of the 'Bloody Hundredth’, a Bomb Group with a reputation for high casualty rates, Thorpe Abbotts was under USAAF control from June 1943 to the end of the war. Some of the airfield survives today, and the control tower houses the 100th Bomb Group...


Event Location Date
Flew first mission Fallersleben, Wolfsburg, Germany 20 June 1944

To Fallersleben, Germany

Flew last mission Cologne, Germany 17 October 1944

To Cologne, Germany


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Source is William B. Kennedy, Pilot, 351st Bomb Squadron, 100th Bomb Group (H).

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William B. Kennedy

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100th Bomb Group page on Bill Kennedy: