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Jay Phillip Musler


American RAF bomber pilot based in England 1942-1943.

In Memoriam

'My Late husband worked for "Eastern Air Lines" in New York City. He was from America and his ancestors go back to the girls all in the DAR. He left his work and went to Canada for the purpose of joining the RCAF. He trained in the RCAF for 1 year. He was attested in Montreal, Quebec on 18-12-1941 for their present emergency. He had wonderful training and loved flying & when the period was over he & the RCAF men were sent to England on the Queen Mary. Everything was hush hush. I never knew about it until I received a 'V-Mail letter'. They went right into service of the RAF and bombed Germany. He flew everything & he liked B-24s the best. Later he flew B-24s when the USAF sent for the American men to come home. He, Jay was proud of 'his' time with the RAF but he had to go & fight for his country against Japan.

For his country he was Jay Phillips Musler 0927528, Captain, Air Corps, who served 9th October 1944- 22nd January 1947 & then went into the reserves. His home base was Scaramento, California. He was sent to the Pacific area to bomb Japanese Islands, Iwo Jima & others, again he was the pilot.

In 1941, I Barbara was a young girl just engaged to marry Jay. I lived with my mother & father in New England, Worcester, Massachusetts. I was from a 5th Generation (American) & very happy with my life except for war talk all around us. We (mother & dad) lived in a pretty cape cod house I was the only child. Jay would drive home from NY to visit his aunt & uncle & then visit me. One day he told all of us he was going to Canada to join the RCAF, then go into the RAF and "deep six Hitler". He would get to him, "Hitler" faster. Oh boy, I expected the worst, but that was Jay. He asked me to wait for him- I did- 1941 to 1945. He arrived back in USA from the Pacific area on to mother field- flew to his dad in Wisconsin- flew to Massachusetts, arrived Dec 1 1945 & asked me to marry him. We were married on December 12 1945. We left Worcester & moved to California- near his base. Our son was born March 18 1949 & we named him Jay Phillip Musler Jr. He, Jay Sr, was my first love & my last. Married for 50 years, I loved him so much. I will wait to meet him again someday. I am 80 years old now [c. 2000], will be 81 Aug 9th. I would wait for him for ever.'
Remembered by Mrs Barbara Musler, Mineral, California.

Barbara died 25 December 2003.


Units served with

  • Royal Air Force

    Royal Air Force

    Formed on 1 April 1918, The Royal Air Force (RAF) is the UK's aerial warfare force. The RAF has undertaken support, combat and reconnaissance roles in conflict since 1918, and continues to do so today.


Event Location Date
Born 1 December 1916
Born RCAF Station Centralia 18 December 1941 – 1942

1 years training in Canada, flying Avro Ansons.

Enlisted Canada 18 December 1941

Joined Royal Canadian Air Force

RAF Service European Theatre of Operations 1942 – 1943

Flew bombing missions from England over Germany with RAF, flying Lancasters, Wellingtons and Beaufighters.

USAAF Service Pacifc Theatre Of Operations 9 October 1944 – 1945

Transferred from the RAF to the USAAF after being called up to serve, transferred to the Pacific Theatre of Operations flying B-24 Liberators.

30th Bomb Group, 38th Bomb Squadron, 7th Air Force.

Post War Service Sacramento, CA, USA 1945 – 22 January 1947

2622nd Army Air Forces Base Unit.

Died Mineral, CA, USA 31 August 1996


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