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Loren George McCollom


Liutenant Colonel (LTC) Loren G. McCollom served as the Commanding Officer of the 353rd Fighter Squadron at Metifield UK from 18-Aug-43 to 25-Nov-43.
On 25-Nov-43 as pilot or P-47D #42-8395 [YJ-S] "Cookie" he led his fighter group in the first P-47 fighter/bomber operation of the war in the ETO. His Group was assigned to bomb and strafe the German airfield of Ft. Rouge at St. Omer, France.
During the attack his aircraft took a direct hit from Flak and burst into flames, but LTC McCollom was seen to bail out and landed near Lumbres, his Thunderbolt crashing a little over 10km further to the SE at Ecques, Pas-de-Calais, France.
He suffered severe burns to his hands, face and arms and was 5 weeks in a German field hospital before being sent to Stalag Luft 1 at Barth, Germany for the remainder of the war. This was the second Commanding Officer to be MIA since the Group had commenced operations on 12-Aug-43.
POW/ SS/ DFC/ AM w/ 3 Oak Leaf Cluster
2 victories



  • William Nicholson

    Military | Second Lieutenant | Pilot | 392nd Bomb Group
    Shot down 5 November 1943 in B-24 #427543 'Georgia Belle. ' Prisoner of War (POW). POW

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Units served with

  • 353rd Fighter Group

    353rd Fighter Group

    The 353rd Fighter Group was assigned to the Eighth Air Force on 7 June 1943. The group flew P-47 Thunderbolts, and from October 1944, P-51 Mustangs, as escorts for bombing missions across occupied Europe and to strafe targets on the ground. Tactical...

  • 56th Fighter Group

    56th Fighter Group

    Flying P-47 Thunderbolts throughout their time stationed in England, the Group, known as "the Wolfpack", had more ace pilots than any other Eighth Air Force Fighter Group. The 56th Fighter Group also destroyed more enemy aircraft in air combat than any...

  • 61st Fighter Squadron
  • Headquarters (353rd Fighter Group)
  • Headquarters (56th Fighter Group)


  • 42-8395 Cookie

    P-47 Thunderbolt
    P-47D-2-RE #42-8395 [YJ-S] "Cookie" was asssigned to the 353FS/351FS at Metfield, UK. On 25 November 1943 the aircraft, piloted by LTC Loren G. McCollom (Commanding Officer 353FG), was despatched with other P-47s from the 353FG to attack the German...

  • 42-8531 Butch II

    P-47 Thunderbolt
    P-47 Thunderbolt Serial 42-8531 assigned to the 353rd Fighter Group/ 352nd Fighter Squadron was flown on D-Day, 6 June 1944 by Lt Clifford F. Armstrong.



    25 November 1943
    This mission is the first time that P-47s have been used as purely fighther/bomber attacks on a ground target. 276 P-47s from 56FG; 78FG; 352FG; 353FG; and 356FG are used in the operation. Those from 56FG and 353FG actually attack the German airfield...

Associated Place

  • Metfield

    Military site : airfield
    Built during 1942-43 as an Eighth Air Force bomber base, Metfield had three concrete runways, 39 pan plus 15 loop hardstandings, and two dispersed T2 hangars. It was first occupied by the 353rd Fighter Group, equipped with P-47s, from August 1943 to...

  • Raydon

    Military site : airfield
    Although never used as such, Raydon was built during 1942-43 as an Eighth Air Force bomber base, with three concrete runways, 50 loop and one pan hardstandings, and two dispersed T2 hangars. Initially on loan to the Ninth Air Force, it was first...


Event Location Date
Born Ritzville, Washington 15 April 1914
Enlisted 10 August 1939
Prisoner of War (POW) Barth, Germany 25 November 1943 – 4 July 1945

Held at Stalag Luft 1, Barth-Vogelsang, Prussia. Officially Returned to Military Control 4-Jul-45.

Retired from the Air Force 1 April 1968
Died 15 May 1982

Keeler Air Force Base, Biloxi, Mississippi


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