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  1. UPL 41881

    SILVER STAR cards on pages 362 and 363 at https://catalog.archives.gov/id/148260303

  2. UPL 41880

    AIR MEDAL card on page 322 at https://catalog.archives.gov/id/143824052

  3. UPL 41879

    Escape kit photos of Edward R. Ryan, page 6 of German record J-773 at https://catalog.archives.gov/id/131495009 (NARA)

  4. UPL 41878

    Photo by Sgt Erickson, Washington State, shows UTAH BEACH on D-Day.

  5. UPL 41877

    William C. Hawkins (courtesy Hawkins family)

  6. UPL 41857

    Clarence ''Hank'' Ballagh - University of California Berkeley - faculty of engineering graduation yearbook 1942

  7. New York City Archives UPL 41856

    Raymond Oeftiger (1937)

  8. Richard G. McChrystal UPL 41855

    B.Gen Arthur John and Richard G. McChrystal (wearing 454th emblem)

  9. Richard G. McChrystal UPL 41854

    434th Squadron Emblem

  10. Richard G. McChrystal UPL 41845

    434th Squadron of 479th Group Fighter Group, "Riddle's Raiders"

  11. UPL 41850

    Air Medal card for Harvey Eakes on page 440 at https://catalog.archives.gov/id/138790889 (NARA)

  12. User Upload UPL 5492

    The Pollock Crew ...

  13. UPL 41846

    Crash photo from German Captured Records (NARA) : J-703 https://catalog.archives.gov/id/131494559

  14. Richard G. McChrystal UPL 41844

    Dad, Me and me war chariot, Dick

  15. UPL 41819

    A 96th Bomb Group, 338th Bomb Squadron Crew....

  16. 493rd BG Archives UPL 41843

    Elmer Villiesse, Crew Chief and Miss Green Bay 43-38293

  17. UPL 41838

    William E. Olivari

  18. B24bestweb UPL 41836

    B-24D-CO 42-40995 SATAN'S HELL CATS 8th AF , 44th BG, 68th BS. MIA, Crashed , MACR

  19. B24bestweb UPL 41835

    B-24D-CO 42-40995 8th AF 44th BG SATAN'S HELL CATS CRASHED MARC

  20. UPL 41793

    B-25 Marauder (ER-X, serial number 41-31765) nicknamed “Fightin’ Cock” of the 450th Bomb Squadron, 322nd Bomb Group.

  21. UPL 41832

    Albert J. Olivari

  22. UPL 39758

    Taylor-Deloy Crew My grandfather,Elvin Brown is front row,second from left. Shot down over Germany Oct.6 1944. Mission 194 MACR 9523

  23. UPL 41829

    Robert Newman's Air Medal card at NARA - page 141 at https://catalog.archives.gov/id/143775374

  24. UPL 41828

    Robert Newman's DFC award card from NARA - page 416 at https://catalog.archives.gov/id/133419058

  25. UPL 41827

    Robert Newman’s Dog Tag on page 6 of KUJ-698 à https://catalog.archives.gov/id/131494737

  26. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 604

    Personnel of the 34th Bomb Group queue alongside a B-17 (serial number 43-38216) nicknamed "Tempest Turner" that was named after the Hollywood...

  27. German Reports of Downed Allied Fighters UPL 41826

    Anthony Piscitelli's DOG TAG from J-820 à https://catalog.archives.gov/id/131495422

  28. UPL 41825

    Crew of B-17 42-31443, "Friday the 13th", 381st Bomb Group, 532nd Bomb Squadron....

  29. UPL 41824

    Sheila with shepherd John Dagg (PDSA photo), see: https://northeastatwar.co.uk/2019/02/02/b17-44-6504-the-cheviot/

  30. UPL 41812

    Technical Sergeant Billy H. Rowland, 92nd Bomb Group, 407th Bomb Squadron.

  31. Bismarck State College Library Archives UPL 41821

    William Daner (back row, far left) with lawyers and North Dakota politicians, March 1959, Bismarck, ND.

  32. Wartime Photography 1943-44 - E.B. Freeland UPL 41817

    Brig. General Robert C Candee, commanding officer VIII Air Support Command

  33. Wartime Photography 1943-44 - E.B. Freeland UPL 41815

    Caption in photo album "Boston In Flames" Identified as S/N 43-10129, BG416BS671

  34. UPL 41814

    Press clippings from pages 1 and 2 of Walker Mahurin’s Escape & Evasion Report E&E 617 at https://catalog.archives.gov/id/5555257

  35. Fold3, Missing Air Crew Reports Document 41813

    Missing Air Crew Report 10418

  36. UPL 41808

    The Chelmore Crew. Unfortunately not all identified ...

  37. UPL 41807

    Dwight K. Anderson, 305th Bomb Group.

  38. Thomas F. Flemming UPL 23686

    Lt. Arvin O. Basnight ( left ); believed to be Lt John R. Mackenzie ( center ) and Lt. David Bronstein (right) of the 323rd BS at Bassingbourn in...

  39. Thomas F. Flemming UPL 31206

    Men of the 91st BG, 323rd BS, pose in front of the 323rd operations office at Bassingbourn after a fresh snowfall. The photograph was taken by Lt....

  40. Thomas F. Flemming UPL 31631

    Believed to be Lt John R. Mackenzie , posing in front of the 323rd Bomb Squadron operations office with the 323rd Ram. Photographed in early 1945...