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  1. UPL 7072

    Strike photograph of the Erla aircraft factory at Antwerp being bombed by B-17 Flying Fortresses of the 1st Bomb Wing, 5 April 1943.

  2. UPL 7071

    Ed Tunison, a Palm Desert WWII veteran

  3. UPL 7068

    Robert Nendel, top left

  4. UPL 7069

    Robert Nendel

  5. UPL 7066

    Robert Nendel, top left

  6. UPL 7065


  7. Chris Brassfield Collection UPL 7061

    P-47D "The Rebel" 405th FG - 511th FS - 9th AF St, Dizier, France Capt. Lloyd V. New w/foot on tire

  8. Chris Brassfield Collection UPL 7062

    P-47D-15-RE #42-76257 "Squirt II" Code: 2Z-P 405th FG - 510th FS - 9th AF Christchurch

  9. UPL 7060

    1st Lt. Donald R. Roscoe, Observer/Navigator - 8th Air Force, 850th Bomb Sq, 490th BG(H) Crew 182 - Weber Crew

  10. UPL 7059

    8th Air Force, 490th BG(H), 850th BS, Crew 182 - Weber Crew

  11. UPL 7056

    James O. Burke Jr. leather bomber jacket

  12. Clifford T Leach UPL 7055

    Clifford T Leach grave

  13. UPL 7054

    James O. Burke Jr Lucky Bastards Club

  14. James O Burke Jr UPL 7053

    James O. Burke Jr. Right Waist Gunner Tuxedo Tomie (Leach Crew)

  15. UPL 7052

    Tuxedo Tomie Leach Crew.

  16. UPL 7051

    Tuxedo Tomie nose art with battle damage repairs visible.

  17. Chris Brassfield Collection UPL 7050

    Captain Lloyd V. New 405th FG - 511th FS - 9th AF Photo taken at Walterboro AAF, South Carolina

  18. Chris Brassfield Collection UPL 7049

    P-47D-27-RA #42-28642 "Hunilator" Code: K4-W 405th FG - 511th FS - 9th AF St. Dizier, France October 1944

  19. UPL 7048

    Crew #646/470...

  20. UPL 7046

    Crew #422 & #538...

  21. UPL 7047

    Sgt Bennie Johnson and a second airman of teh 489th Bomb Group. Photo from the Bennie Johnson Collection

  22. UPL 7045

    Lt. Harold J. Grove Bombardier George T. Zeigler Crew 466th BG - 786th BS

  23. UPL 7044

    Lt. Warren C. Falcon 466th BG - 796th BS Co-PIlot - George T. Zeigler Crew

  24. UPL 7043

    Captain Dwight Alverson 405th FG - 510th FS - 9th AF

  25. UPL 7041

    Names Commemorated on the Memorial Wall to the Missing at the U.S. Cemetery at Margraten, The Netherlands...

  26. Chris Brassfield Collection UPL 7040

    Lt. Len Smith (Left) & Lt. Lou Loevsky (Right) standing beside the tail of a destroyed German a/c after being liberated from Stalag Luft III -...

  27. UPL 7037

    Tom Landry on a 1955 Bowman football card. From Wikipedia

  28. UPL 7036

    SSGT Charles E. Culverhouse...

  29. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 7067

    Orphaned children from Oakham, wait for the arrival of Father Christmas at Cottesmore during a Christmas party organized by the 316th Troop Carrier...

  30. UPL 7035

    Captain Cecil W. Hoff 787th Bomb Squadron Flight Surgeon 466th BG Attlebridge

  31. UPL 7034

    Standing Left to Right (not including man at far left in the background): Lt. Russell D. McNair (614-N), Lt. George Ziegler (614-P), Lt. Warren...

  32. UPL 7019

    2nd Lt Philip Ross

  33. UPL 7033

    from http://www.398th.org/Images/Images_Crews/Text/Flight/Williams_Norm_603_1945.html

  34. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 7068

    Father Christmas with an orphan child at a Christmas party, organised by the 316th Troop Carrier Group, on Christmas Day 1944 at Cottesmore. The...

  35. UPL 7031

    Newspaper article from the Marshfield News-Herald, c. 1945

  36. UPL 7028

    S/Sgt Wesley Greene, Radio Operator 42-31179 Stinky Weather. Shot down on 12/31/1943 over Pleudaniel, France. Parachuted to ground but was...

  37. UPL 7027

    John J. Gilson, Jr., Sgt. 42-31179 Stinky Weather shot down 12/31/1943. Initially evaded with help of French Resistance, but was arrested by...

  38. UPL 7026

    Vernon Richard Turner -West Point School Yearbook (1943)

  39. UPL 7024

    Hand written list of crew on 42-51531

  40. UPL 7022

    The crew of 42-51531 with pilot 2nd Lt. Philip Ross, top left corner.

  41. UPL 7021

    2nd Lt Philip Ross

  42. UPL 7020

    A picture of pilot 2nd Lt Philip Ross with his crew that failed to return April 4, 1945. The plane had a name, which appears right behind the crew...

  43. UPL 7018

    Richard N. Callahan

  44. UPL 7017

    SSGT George Welker Flight Engineer Crew #707 - Howard A. Fisher Crew KIA - 20 June 1944

  45. UPL 7016

    1LT Stuart M. Peace Pilot Crew #732 466th BG - 787th BS

  46. UPL 7015

    SSGT Arthur Childs Tail Gunner Crew #715/443 466th BG