We found 42881 media

  1. UPL 45687

    P-51D 44-11360 “Dot Darlin” 354FS, 355FG with pilot Carl E. Decklar and C/C John E Bert

  2. UPL 45686

    Scharf and crew

  3. UPL 45684

    Lt Scharf’ Crew. RX Karl front row center

  4. UPL 45685

    TSgt Richard X Karl (Brick)

  5. John Simmons young UPL 45682

    B-24D 'The Squaw' 41-11761 with pilot Lt. Royden LeBrecht and the 9th AF Pilots War Bond Tour - 1943

  6. 384th BG Archives UPL 45681

    B-17G-15-DL #42-37888 "Hell's Messenger" Code: SO-N 384th BG - 547th BS - 8th AF This a/c flew combat for 18 months and over 100 combat missions

  7. UPL 45680

    B-17G-10-DL #42-37762 "Chaplain's Office" Code: JD-A 384th BG - 545th BS

  8. Hutchinson & Cortright UPL 25677

    B-17F-50-BO 42-5444 "We Dood It" Chaplain, Captain Billy Method giving blessing

  9. UPL 45679

    2nd Lt Edwin Stanley Jacobsen 448BG, receiving a n award to add to the existing air medal on his chest.

  10. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 8701

    A P-51 Mustang (10) of the 332nd Fighter Group. Handwritten caption on reverse: 'Genuine WWII colour photo, Mustang Fossia (sp. Foggia) Italy.'...

  11. UPL 45678

    Kenneth Corey, 493rd bomb group, 862nd bomb Squadron

  12. UPL 45677

    S STG Kenneth Corey, 493rd bomb group, 862nd Bomb Squadron

  13. UPL 45676

    Sgt Richard Blake Laing, 448BG

  14. 436th Troop Carrier Group UPL 45675

    LT. ALFRED J. WOJTAL, KIA flying in Operation Varsity on 24 March 1945

  15. UPL 45674

    Standing (L-R): Don Hughley (R), Albert Juris (N), Harold Moran (G), Emery Ralls (P), Harold Wanfried (PN), Carl Westmann (CP) and unidentified...

  16. UPL 43095

    The image is of a TB-17F- 40/45- VE, "Argonaut II" which is not to be confused with the B-17F-70-BO....

  17. John Simmons young UPL 45671

    B-24D Lt. Gilbert Hadley's airplane, 'Hadley's Harem' 41-24311 at Benina Airfield, Benghazi 1943 - 344th Bomb Squadron. Hadley was forced to try...

  18. 493rd BG Archives Document 45673

    Missions Flown Query for Capt. Earl Reynolds and his crew

  19. UPL 45672

    Carl B. Westman

  20. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 1473

    Roy H. Mohr and his bomber crew of the 388th Bomb Group with their B-17 Flying Fortress (serial number 42-30203). Handwritten caption on reverse: ...

  21. Keahey UPL 45670

    303rd Bombardment Group (H) - 358th Bomb Squadron Bronze Star Presentation Ceremony Harold V. Keahey - left

  22. Keahey UPL 45669

    303rd Bombardment Group (H) - 358th Bomb Squadron Harold V. Keahey - top row, left

  23. Keahey UPL 45668

    303rd Bombardment Group (H) - 358th Bomb Squadron Harold V. Keahey - standing

  24. Keahey UPL 45667

    303rd Bombardment Group (H) - 358th Bomb Squadron Harold V. Keahey - Standing, 3rd from left.

  25. Keahey UPL 45665

    Harold V. Keahey

  26. Keahey UPL 45664

    Harold V. Keahey

  27. Keahey UPL 45666

    Engineering Section - 303rd Bombardment Group (H) - 358th Bomb Squadron

  28. UPL 45663

    John Alexander Griffin II, East Chicago, IN, circa 1943

  29. UPL 45657

    Pilots of 504FS, 339FG in front of P-51 'FABASCA'. L-R: Frank D Guernsey, Edgar Bruce 'Skinny' Gravette, John R. Reynolds, Lewis S Peter Jr.

  30. UPL 45662

    Newspaper Notice of Death for Lt. Lawrence B. Perry.

  31. 435th Troop Carrier Group UPL 45660

    Flight Officer Gerald F. Kinnee's gravesite in Lakeview, MI.

  32. 435th Troop Carrier Group UPL 45659

    Flight Officer L.D. Jacobson's grave marker at the Netherlands American Cemetery

  33. 435th Troop Carrier Group UPL 45658

    Flight Officer L.D. Jacobson with his mother, Winnie, and younger brother.

  34. UPL 35400

    B-17F 42-30155 warming up before take-off, Chelveston, 29 June 1943 (official USAAF photo)

  35. UPL 45656

    Capt Lewis Sim Peter Jr 504FS, 339FG.

  36. UPL 45655

    Capt Frank D Guernsey Jr, 339FG.

  37. UPL 45654

    Major Edgar Bruce Gravette 504FS, 339FG. Receiving a decoration from Brig Gen Murray C. Woodbury.

  38. UPL 45653

    Major Edgar Bruce Gravette 504FS, 339FG.

  39. Doyle Shields UPL 45652

    Wolf Wagon, from Doyle Shields 447th Bomber Group History. Maybe the Nagle Crew

  40. UPL 15095

    Jack K. Larsen Crew...

  41. UPL 39480

    "A crew of the 379th Bomb Group poses beside the Boeing B-17 "Flying Fortress" "Battlin Bobbie" at an 8th Air Force base in England."

  42. 384th BG Archives UPL 45651

    B-14F-80-BO #42-30026 "Battlewagon" Code: BK-J 384th BG - 546th BS - 8th AF

  43. UPL 45650

    1LT Harvey Charles Esty Co-Pilot Richard Carrington Crew 384BG - 545BS

  44. Private Collection UPL 35008

    Richard Carrington Crew...

  45. UPL 45649

    Franklin Chaimson Class 43-H

  46. 437th Troop Carrier Group UPL 45648

    84th Squadron C47A No 42100591 pictured here was originally photographed by Joseph C Antrim. It was taken somewhere in Europe in 1944/45....

  47. 437th Troop Carrier Group UPL 45647

    84th TCS in the 437th Troop Carrier Group: KIA on 24 March 1945 in Operation Varsity: Left to RIght: Eldred Trachta (co-pilot), Earl Nordgren ...