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  1. User Upload UPL 5334

    Norman clearly channeling Bing Crosby here!

  2. User Upload UPL 5370

    1st Lt Ken Ireland, Co-Pilot, July 44

  3. User Upload UPL 5374

    Lt Willard Sell,Pilot

  4. User Upload UPL 5379

    Sgt Kirkpatrick and Line Crew

  5. User Upload UPL 5380

    1st Lt Ken Ireland July 44

  6. User Upload UPL 5381

    1st Lt Ken Ireland June 43

  7. User Upload UPL 5382

    Ken Ireland 2001

  8. User Upload UPL 5397

    Lt. Col. James J. Mahoney, Air Executive stands against the 467th Bombardment groups assembly aircraft P-47 Thunderbolt, 'Little Pete 2'

  9. User Upload UPL 5378

    Sell crew at disperal

  10. User Upload UPL 5371

    35th Mission.sell crew

  11. User Upload UPL 5373

    Harrington Crew at Wendover

  12. User Upload UPL 5372

    Harrington Crew at Wendover

  13. Document 5336

    Sgt Fialkosky is the one wearing the coveralls.

  14. User Upload UPL 5400

    P-51D 44-72227 CL-M of Lt.Col. Elwyn G "Eager El" Righetti, Commanding Officer 55th Fighter Group. Replaced his earlier P-51 44-14223 similarly...

  15. User Upload UPL 5401

    P-51D 44-14223 CL-M "Katydid" of Lt.Col. Elwyn C Righetti.

  16. User Upload UPL 5402

    Lt.Col. Elwyn G "Eager El" Righetti, Commanding Officer 55th Fighter Group with his first assigned P-51D Mustang 44- 14223 CL-M "Katydid".

  17. UPL 5323

    Lt. Harding R. Zumwalt and crew in front of his Republic P-47D-5-RE Thunderbolt (s/n 42-8524). He was a pilot with the 83rd Fighter Squadron, 78th...

  18. User Upload UPL 5398

    Artwork that can still be found in the former barracks at Rackheath on Site 8 the 790th Squadron area....

  19. User Upload UPL 5313

    Headquarters Squadron1943 Outside front of Brampton Park Officers Mess

  20. User Upload UPL 5316

    John C. Veldhuizen, 92nd Bomb Group, 325th Bomb Squadron, 42-97515, Little Runt, Lt. Gordon Capps crew, MACR 3226

  21. User Upload UPL 5365

    In Kingman, Arizona prior to scrapping.

  22. User Upload UPL 5366

    Rattlesden, England 1945

  23. User Upload UPL 5367

    Rattlesden, England 1945

  24. User Upload UPL 5317

    42-97515 in Switzerland

  25. User Upload UPL 5318

    Lt. Gordon Capps crew, 42-97515, Little Runt

  26. User Upload UPL 5403

    Colonel Thomas J J Christian Jr.

  27. User Upload UPL 5383

    Admin Buildings

  28. User Upload UPL 5385

    B-24 Engines

  29. User Upload UPL 5387

    Basketball in 2 hangar

  30. User Upload UPL 5388

    Gunsight Shop

  31. User Upload UPL 5389

    Bit of sport

  32. User Upload UPL 5390

    Engine change in 2 Hangar

  33. User Upload UPL 5391

    Engine Shop

  34. User Upload UPL 5395

    Transportation HQ

  35. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 725

    First Lieutenant Harold Beasley and his crew from the 91st Bomb Group, return to Bassingbourn after flying a raid on Antwerp in a B-17 Flying...

  36. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 686

    A formation of B-17 Flying Fortresses of the 91st Bomb Group return to Bassingbourn following a raid on Antwerp, on 5 April 1943. ...

  37. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 167

    Sergeant Richard Cleary and Sergeant Julius Rhodes of the 55th Fighter Group wipe snow from a P-51 Mustang to begin preparations for an escort...

  38. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 697

    A bomber crew of the 91st Bomb Group with their B-17 Flying Fortress (serial number 42-5077) nicknamed "Delta Rebel no. 2" after a raid over...