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  1. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 4217

    Lieutenant G. Oxrider of the 303rd Bomb Group and his crew with their B-17 Flying Fortress. Handwritten caption on reverse: 'Photo: censor 29/1/43....

  2. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 4134

    Sergeant Russell A. Warren of the 303rd Bomb Group examines a crank. Printed caption on reverse: 'Sgt. Russell A. Warren of 750 W. 3rd St. Flora,...

  3. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 1571

    Lieutenant John G Winant Jr of the 390th Bomb Group, wearing a Mae West life jacket, with his crew and their B-17 Flying Fortress. ...

  4. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 1482

    A bomber crew of the 388th Bomb Group, and their mascot "Peggy", with a B-17 Flying Fortress (serial number 42-3295) nicknamed "Tech Supply"....

  5. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 976

    Personnel of the 303rd Bomb Group play cards between raids. A censor has obscured the insignia on the airman's jacket. Image stamped on reverse: ...

  6. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 1195

    A bomber crew of the 323rd Bomb Group in full flight gear, beneath the nose of their B-26 Marauder nicknamed "Mr Falla". Image stamped on reverse: ...

  7. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 111

    Flight Engineer George S. Jones of the 55th Fighter Group takes off his overboats outside the radio repair room at Nuthampstead air base. Passed...

  8. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 6474

    First Lieutenant Lucius R Ades (Pilot) and Second-Lieutenant Preston G Redd (Navigator) of the 389th Bomb Group. Image via LR Ades. written on...

  9. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 1718

    American and Russian Air Force officers in an operations room of the 379th Bomb Group. Printed caption on reverse: '71665 Russian and American...

  10. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 6477

    EB Jack (Bombardier) and Preston G Reed (Navigator) of the 389th Bomb Group. Image via LR Ades. Written on slide casing: 'Bomardier EB Jack,...

  11. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 1426

    Brigadier-General Curtis LeMay presents Lieutenant-Colonel Preston Piper of the 385th Bomb Group the Soldier's Medal for Gallantry. Image stamped...

  12. Roger Freeman Collection FRE 1420

    Major Erwin F. Goldman, Lieutenant-Colonel Elliot Vandevanter and Major Ruffin Barrow of the 385th Bomb Group look over plans for expansion of...

  13. User Upload UPL 5309

    Huie H. Lamb. Image courtesy of Huie H. Lamb.

  14. User Upload UPL 5310

    Huie H. Lamb receiving his DFC (Distinguished Flying Cross) from Brig. Gen. Murray C. Woodbury. Photo courtesy of Huie H. Lamb.

  15. User Upload UPL 5314

    311th Signal Co Brampton Park

  16. User Upload UPL 5326

    Lt. Howard E. Byrne, The Laclede Blade, Laclede, Missouri, October 22, 1943...

  17. User Upload UPL 5328

    Captain John E Lingenfelter as pictured in the Duxford Diary.

  18. User Upload UPL 5330

    B-24 crew in front of their bomber, WW II....

  19. User Upload UPL 5344

    Milton Gordon

  20. User Upload UPL 5345

    Milton Gordon

  21. User Upload UPL 5346

    Milton Gordon

  22. User Upload UPL 5347

    Milton Gordon

  23. User Upload UPL 5368

    Roger Freeman at the site of a P-51 crash at Leiston airfield in 1953

  24. User Upload UPL 5396

    M/Sgt. Ralph A Holmes, Line Chief, 27th Photo Squadron, 7th PRG.

  25. User Upload UPL 5333

    My mother Nora Doak received this card from the one great love of her life. He was a USAAF officer, we only know that his first name was Norman....