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  1. 447th Bomb Group Strike Photos UPL 44034

    8th air force mission 178; 7/1/44; Ludwigshafen

  2. UPL 44033

    T/Sgt Max Wendell Lower, Radio operator/gunner on B-24 'Old Baldy' 345BS, 98BG, 9AF.

  3. UPL 44032

    PVT (later SSGT) Leonard Leroy Ehlers 94th BG - 410th BS

  4. UPL 44031

    The Mission List for James M Bivens

  5. UPL 44030

    1LT Orson "Lyle" Mower 452nd BG - 430th BS Co-Pilot - Robert J. Brennan Crew

  6. Gypsy Queen 42-95024 UPL 44025

    The aircraft shown is not 42-95024 but does show many of the crew members on board on the day that she crashed 5th November 1944 ...

  7. UPL 44029

    1LT Robert J. Brennan Pilot 452nd BG - 730th BS

  8. UPL 44028

    Major Magee C. Fuller

  9. UPL 44027

    Arthur J Negri 303 Bombardment Group

  10. Charles D. Taylor Collection UPL 33415

    Eugene L. Stientjes and his crew, 93rd BG, Hardwick, England. Eugene, Co-Pilot, is back row, left. James M Bivens is Front Row Far Right

  11. UPL 44026

    The Original McGee Crew Many of whom were on board 42-39803 "The Wolf" on her Last Mission...

  12. Donald Eugene Purcell Photos UPL 41388

    *Purcell Crew #418* Lt. Joseph Adams (B) and Capt. Donald Eugene Purcell (P)

  13. Pictorial History of the 447th Bombardment Group (H) UPL 44023

    S/Sgt Matthew W. Walter. Photo taken at Rattlesden, England, undated. From Pictorial History of the 447th Bombardment Group (H) https://www...

  14. UPL 44020

    Officers at Alexandria Air Base, Alexandria, Louisiana. Early 1944. ...

  15. UPL 44021

    Some officers training at Alexandria Air Base, Alexandria, Louisiana. Early 1944. ...

  16. UPL 44022

    Some officers training at Alexandria Air Base, Alexandria, Louisiana. Early 1944. ...

  17. UPL 44019

    Left to right: 2nd Lt. James G. Manion, navigator; 1st Lt. Samuel L. Peak, pilot; 2nd Lt. Samuel A. Whitehead, pilot. Whitehead’s plane was “Patsy...

  18. UPL 44018

    1st Lt Joseph E. Finneran 345th BS, 98th BG, 9th AF.

  19. UPL 44017

    B-24 42-40102 'Old Baldy' nose art flanked by Navigator Worthington A. Franks (L) and Bombardier Joseph E. Finneran (R)

  20. UPL 14213

    B-24 Liberator 42-40102 'Old Baldy' lost near the target, Ploesti, AA hit point blank at 30 feet or less from a Rumanian 80 mm. Pilot 1st Lt John J...

  21. UPL 44016

    Harvey Laverne Hoffstot's grave at the Ardennes American Cemetery (photo by Dominique Potier). Belgian Guillaume Hoofs has adopted his grave in 2007.

  22. UPL 44015

    'The Dedham Dreadnought'

  23. UPL 43985

    "Towering Titan" bombing

  24. UPL 43987

    "Towering Titan" nose art

  25. UPL 43986

    "Towering Titan"

  26. UPL 22300

    SGT James A. Agerton Machinist 3 Strategic Air Depot 466th BG

  27. UPL 44014

    Headstone Inscription and Interment Record

  28. UPL 43949

    The John Stukus crew. Front row, from left to right Lester E. Gentry (bombardier); John Stukus (Pilot); John E. Moffat (Co-Pilot); Ronald R....

  29. UPL 44013

    Waist gunner Sgt Gus Palmer alongside, fellow citizen of the Kiowa nation, Horace Poolaw at McDill AAF.

  30. UPL 44011

    My friend, the late William "Bill" McGinley, at the 8th Air Force Historical Association Reunion, Nashville, Tennessee - 11 October 2014 (photo Ed...

  31. UPL 44010

    Nose Art “The Count”, painted on P-51 #44-14977 by Cpl Horace D WILSON of Lapeer, Michigan (from “YANK, The Army Weekly”, British Edition, 4 May...

  32. UPL 44009

    Carroll W. Ofsthun (photo Ofsthun family)

  33. UPL 44008

    William McGinley’s Air Medal card on page 205 at https://catalog.archives.gov/id/139531885 (NARA)

  34. UPL 44006

    John Stukus’ Air Medal card on page748 at https://catalog.archives.gov/id/143861078 (NARA)

  35. NARA: Air Force Award Cards UPL 44004

    Louis Rosati’s Air Medal card on page 627 at https://catalog.archives.gov/id/143819193 (NARA)

  36. NARA: Air Force Award Cards UPL 44002

    Anthony Paolantonio’s Air Medal card on page 164 at https://catalog.archives.gov/id/143786352 (NARA)

  37. NARA: Air Force Award Cards UPL 44000

    William Mattson’s Air Medal card on page 1039 at https://catalog.archives.gov/id/139524743 (NARA) - NOTE : His middle initial is wrongly stated as ...

  38. UPL 43995

    Heying crew

  39. UPL 43991

    Bill and Betty Heim

  40. UPL 43992

    T/Sgt. William Arthur Heim

  41. UPL 43993

    William A Heim, Betty Heim and daughter Cynthia

  42. UPL 43990

    Robert Richard Harrington...

  43. UPL 43989

    1LT Henry Leland Payne Radar Navigator Crew #463 - Robert R. Harrington Crew 466th BG - 784th BS

  44. Sutherland UPL 43984

    First Lieutenant WD Sutherland at home on leave in Castlewood, Virginia.

  45. Downed Allied Aircraft Kampfflugzeug Unterlagen (KU) Reports UPL 43983

    Harry Horst’s Dog Tag on page 23 of KU-1274 at https://catalog.archives.gov/id/139538318 (NARA)

  46. Downed Allied Aircraft Kampfflugzeug Unterlagen (KU) Reports UPL 43982

    Henry Kane’s Dog Tag on page 27 of KU-1274 at https://catalog.archives.gov/id/139538318 (NARA)