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  1. 388th BG Archives UPL 45844

    B-17G-55-BO #42-102953 "Sky Ann" Code: P 388th BG - 563rd BG- 8th AF

  2. Arthur Burnham "Knockout Dropper" UPL 45842

    Arthur L. Burnham, tailgunner on "Knockout Dropper" B-17 in WWII

  3. UPL 45841

    Major Mel McCoy

  4. UPL 45838

    Frank Eiben

  5. UPL 45837

    Bill Berkenbush Armourer with the 490th and 487th BG

  6. UPL 20429

    John A Gray, Staff Sergeant, USAAF. S/Sgt John A. Gray flew 27 missions, from 01/05/1944, mission #12, to 05/30/1944, mission #79. He served as a...

  7. UPL 45836

    Norman Sturgeon 2nd from left

  8. UPL 45835

    Norman Sturgeon 2nd from left

  9. UPL 45832

    On the group's 3rd mission LT Schuengel fell from an open bomb bay on the return flight. The bomb bay doors were stuck open, and the bombs had to...

  10. UPL 45831

    Silas Miles Hagan, Jr

  11. UPL 45830

    Silas Hagan wearing his parachute harness many years later

  12. UPL 45829

    Clement LeScale

  13. UPL 45828

    S/Sgt Donald Hoenig Schmidli, 613BS, 401BG

  14. Claiborne Stokes UPL 45827

    1LT John E. Molen - Dayton, OH

  15. Claiborne Stokes UPL 45826

    Headstone Uniondale Cemetery, Pittsburgh, Alleghany County, Pennsylvania

  16. 388th BG Archives UPL 45825

    1LT Stephen W. Mitrick Navigator 388th BG - 560th & 562nd Bomb Squadrons

  17. 388th BG Archives UPL 45824

    1LT James W. Maher Bombardier 388th BG - 560th & 561st Bomb Squadrons

  18. UPL 45823

    1st Lt Perry E. Powell, 603BS, 398BG.

  19. UPL 45822

    S/Sgt Kenneth R Smith, 603BS, 398BG

  20. UPL 45821

    1st Lt John K Hancock, 603BS, 398BG

  21. UPL 45820

    2nd Lt Bruce E Phelps, 603BS, 398BG

  22. UPL 45819

    S/Sgt Marvin Yeldell Luckie Jr, 603BS, 398BG

  23. UPL 45818

    S/Sgt Thomas A. L'Estrange, 603BS, 398BG

  24. UPL 45817

    T/Sgt Clarence H. Harper, 603BS, 398BG.

  25. UPL 45816

    T/Sgt Robert Hall Colgan, 603BS, 398BG

  26. UPL 45815

    2nd Lt Samuel Thornton Walker Jr, 603BS, 398BG

  27. UPL 45814

    2nd Lt Samuel Thornton Walker Jr, 603BS, 398BG

  28. 388th BG Archives UPL 45810

    B-17G-5-BP #42-31137 "Classy Chassy" Code: W 388th BG - 563rd BS

  29. 388th BG Archives UPL 45809

    Captain Raymond James Campbell Pilot/Lead Pilot 388th BG - 560th BS

  30. Claiborne Stokes UPL 45808

    2LT Carl Eugene Shannon (Newark, OH) - 367FS/358FG

  31. Claiborne Stokes UPL 45807

    2LT Raymond W. Seedorf (Rockville Center, NY) 367FS/358FG

  32. AAF Still Photo Collection UPL 45801

    Stateside TB-17F-40/45-VE gunnery trainers cicra latter 1943. "Argonaut II

  33. UPL 45804

    Charles R. Earls

  34. 388th BG Archives UPL 45803

    Ray James Campbell Crew...

  35. UPL 45472

    I am named after the man who wrote this letter - James Bernard McKeon, a highly skilled attorney and my Grandma Mamie's brother. I was born on his...

  36. UPL 45802

    Durward A. Trivette

  37. UPL 45800

    1st Lt Orville L. Wulff, 506BS, 44BG

  38. Joseph Alles UPL 45791

    Joseph Alles at Maxwell Field

  39. UPL 45799

    Joseph Alles

  40. UPL 45798

    L: Joseph Alles R: Unknown

  41. UPL 45797

    Angelini's Crew Training in Amarillo Texas: Standing From Left: Kenneth D. Henrickson, Otis F. Thomas, Bruce F. Imler, Richard T. Patton, John W....