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German Downed Allied Aircraft KU report, regarding the crash of B-17 Flying Fortress serial number 44-8268 on 1 January 1945.




  • Mack Bray

    Military | Staff Sergeant | Bombardier
    Prisoner of War (POW) crashed near Magdeburg on 1 Jan 45 in B-17 44-8268.

  • William Burlingame

    Military | Staff Sergeant | Right Waist Gunner
    Killed in Action (KIA) at Madgeburg in B-17 #448268

  • Robert Dezelick

    Military | Staff Sergeant | Radio Operator
    Prisoner of War (POW) crashed near Madgeburg on 1 Jan 45 in B-17 #448268

  • Kenneth Dilts

    Military | Staff Sergeant | Top Turret Gunner
    On 1 January 1945 Kenneth took off from Chelveston airfield on his 20th mission as a B-17 gunner. At 12:04, he called out via the aircraft’s intercom that enemy fighters were approaching. His aircraft ‘pulled up when hit by enemy aircraft and swung...

  • Gerald Kinder

    Military | Staff Sergeant | Tail Gunner
    Killed in Action (KIA) crashed at Madgeburg in B-17 #448268

  • Aaron Loughead

    Military | Second Lieutenant | Navigator
    Prisoner of War (POW) crashed near Magdeburg on 1 Jan 45 in B-17 #448268

  • Eugene Martinson

    Military | Staff Sergeant | Left Waist Gunner
    Gene was born on June 15, 1911 in Rolette to Nels and Elsie (Olson) Martinson. He graduated from Rolette High School in 1930. He lived a very fulfilling life and believed in faith, family, friends, farming and flying. ...

  • Clinton Moore

    Military | Staff Sergeant | Ball Turret Gunner
    Prisoner of War (POW) crashed near Madgeburg on 1 Jan 45 in B-17 44-8268.

  • Edward Soden

    Military | Second Lieutenant | Pilot
    Killed in Action (KIA) near Magdeburg in B-17 #448268

  • Alexander Turanski

    Military | Second Lieutenant | Co-Pilot
    Killed in Action (KIA) crashed near Madgeburg in B-17 #448268


  • 44-8268

    B-17 Flying Fortress
    Delivered Dallas 27/7/44; Cheyenne 6/8/44; Lincoln 17/8/44; Grenier 7/9/44; Assigned 366BS/305BG Chelveston 29/9/44; Missing in Action Magdeburg 1/1/45 with Ed Soden, Alex Turanski, Ken Dilts, Bill Burlingame, Gerald Kinder (5 Killed in Action); Aaron...


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National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), Foreign Records Seized, 1675 - 1958, Series: Downed Allied Aircraft Kampfflugzeug Unterlagen (KU) Reports, ca. 1943 - 1945, File Unit: KU-3498