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Crew for Captain Robert H. Willis
Top Row left to right: Willis, Burnett, Sunkel, Gaylor
Bottom Row left to right: Marvin, engineer top turret; Kimber, radio operator; Brown, lower ball gunner; Miller, waist gunner; Gaerditz, 2nd engineer, gunner. Bovino, another crew member, was getting a haircut, Willis noted on the back of the photo.



  • 490th Bomb Group

    490th Bomb Group

    The 490th Bomb Group, like the 486th and 487th Bomb Groups transitioned from flying B-24 Liberators to B-17 Flying Fortresses, which were used in combat missions from late August 1944. Based at Eye, Suffolk, the Group were focused in the early months...

  • 848th Bomb Squadron


  • Lupton Brown

    Military | Private First Class | Aerial Gunner
    Member of Willis crew

  • James Burnett

    Military | Second Lieutenant | Pilot
    Member of Willis crew

  • William Gaylor

    Military | First Lieutenant | Bombardier - 1035
    Member of Willis crew; Remained an Air Force officer until 1972, retired as Lt. Colonel; Was an Electronics Engineer for the Air Force; Did the same job as a civilian after retiring. Died February 1986.

  • Elmer Guerditz

    Military | Sergeant | Airplane Armorer-Gunner
    Member of Willis crew

  • Virgil Kimber

    Military | Staff Sergeant | Radio Operator - Mechanic Gunner, AAF
    Member of Willis crew

  • Walter Marvin

    Military | Airplane and Engine Mechanic

  • Quentin Miller

    Military | Corporal | Aerial Gunner
    Member of Willis crew

  • Adrian Sunkel

    Military | Second Lieutenant | Navigator
    Member of Willis crew

  • Robert Willis

    Military | Captain | Pilot
    At 12,000 feet, they were losing 400 feet a minute. With his “Flying Fortress” so badly damaged it could scarcely reach the speed of a fast car, Willis and his co-pilot took turns nursing the aptly-dubbed Heavy plane home using only one engine. ...


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