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This contains information written on the back of the original print and some of it may be inaccurate.

"Jocko" a Rhesus monkey mascot of the 344th Bomb Group climbing a tree. Image by Jack K Havener, 344th Bomb Group.. Associated Caption: 'Rhesus monkey "Jocko"- one of the many squadron mascots. This one belonged to co-pilot Joe Lane who bought him from an ATC pilot while waiting at St Nawgan airfield, Newquay, Lands’ End, Cornwall for the weather to clear after the hop up for Marrakech, Morocco late February 1944. The ATC man had bought the monk from a kid in Natal but decided he was too much trouble to keep. Joe let any hut that had the courage to baby-sit the monk while he was flying or on leave so most of us became attached to the mischievous little devil. Our Squadron Flight Surgeon, Capt Harry Prudowsky made sure the monk had plenty of vitamins, shots in necessary, etc. to carry him thru the winter and spring. He made it OK. Sept 1944.'




  • John Havener

    Military | First Lieutenant | Pilot
    Jack K Havener (1920–2011) flew B-26 Marauders with the 344th Bomb Group. He completed 68 combat missions in the medium bombers, many of them from Stansted. Among the medals awarded to Havener was the Distinguished Flying Cross – given to an American...

  • Jocko Rhesus Monkey

    Military | Mascot
    Jocko was a Rhesus Monkey and one of the many squadron mascots of the 344th Bomb Group. ...


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